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  1. For the high-end graphic card (like GTX 780, etc), the card is powered by 6/8 pins PSU. For them, is the "PCIe power" still required?
  2. Its mostly the power suppy issue. Let us know the updates once you get your 120W PSU
  3. Even if you are able to provide 60W via the included power supply, when the card is in actual use and processing graphics (games, etc) - it will definately be requiring more power. Hence the only solution is to get a PSU and a 16x powered riser. I understand that it will not be neat, but you might be able to cover the riser within the thunder2 pci-e box and just a single PSU (molex?) wire getting into the box. If you continue without PSU, it might damage your NUC. Waiting for the pics for current setup with the card inside the box
  4. True ... you will need a 16x POWERED riser after a PSU - - - Updated - - - What's NUC?
  5. Thanks, it confirms that I need a 16x PCI-e Riser Also, did you get this from Amazon OR B&H? Amazon have increased their price to 270$
  6. At-least I got to see the innards in more detail. Can you also remove the front grill? I want to see if I can use inside my case OR I require a 16x riser/extender. Can you provide more pics from different angles? Also, how long before you get the GPU?
  7. For the power, I simply use PSU's on/off switch. No pins, hacks, etc - - - Updated - - - Did anyone ordered/tested AKiTiO's thunderbolt solution?
  8. Coz mine is an "AMP" edition which means custom card. Also power is a simple matter of PSU switch. Inside, everything is set to the optimal settings.
  9. I already did that using this same case! My GPU was bulging out a bit so I cut the side, applied rubber borders & added a nice acrylic and it looked even more cool that it was before
  10. My GPU (GTX 680) requires ~ 250 W. I am not talking about the power it gets via 6/8 pins from the PSU. I am talking about the power required at the base (PCIe Slot of the card). Implementing eGPU with PE4L did not have such requirements. For it, I just powered the PE4L board (does that provided the power to PCIe slots of the GPU?)
  11. The current cheapest way for Thunderbolt 2 is to use Akiti​o Thun​der2P​CIe Box Just 201$ - - - Updated - - - Nando4, I am wondering why does PCIe slot in the card requires power? The graphics card itself is powered by 6/8 pins from the PSU, but I have seen 16x risers with Molex power too!
  12. Ok Then, I dont think its ever tested by the community, so I am going to purchase and test out myself One more Q - Being a TB2 technology, will this work for TB1? Meaning my MBA will max out the thunderbolt bandwidth it has?
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