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  1. I do have a question....I know that when you turn up the voltage in the voltage tuner, it will not show a higher voltage in PX....just the higher temps will show. I was doing some testing on my card last night and find my max mem clock of +685 offset and my max core of +220 offset. When testing the mem and the core's offset the other setting were set to zero.When I use the voltage tuner I changed the NVVDD value up to 1.25v to testing the core OC. But before I tested the OC, I restarted my PC.( not a cold boot), After the PC restarted back into win's 8, I did see that the NVVDD voltage was set to 1.25v....Now here's where it gets odd. I then ran EVGA OC Scanner X to test the OC on the core, with the higher voltage and a +220 offset on the core, PX would not read out over 1000 ever. All I would get is the higher temps and that is it... SO...I then I want back to the idea, OK I just try to find the max combined OC I can....Valley will lock up on me even time I try to push it over 1320 on the core....I see that it hits its voltage limit just after Valley loads....I have not flashed my LN2 BIOS with a mod BIOS yet.... What should I do now...what am I doing wrong with the voltage tuner and do I have to flash my BIOS with a mod one to get the core clock over 1320 on air?
  2. Oh ok. So it was a modded ver of a combo stock normal and LN2 bios. Thanks.
  3. First, how many post do you have to have before you can DL the EVGA 780 - Classified vbios pack - 'OC edition v03? svl7, when you made the EVGA 780 - Classified vbios pack - 'OC edition v03, did you use the org. LN2 classified bios?
  4. After you flash a card with you custom bios are you going to need to reinstall video card drivers?
  5. Sorry to be asking all this noob questions, but when you say able to be overvolted you do mean in then voltage tuner correct? Or can you do that in PrecisionX? I know u can turn up the voltage in PrecisionX by 38mV. What is the best power target that should be used...the max I would think?
  6. I quests that's what I'll do...make a OC profile and apply it when I am gaming and leave the card at stock when I'm in normal every day use. Is the mod Classie Bio that you made ok to use for everyday use? How does that bio work?
  7. Hi all....I'm new to the site and have a few questions for everyone? If there a tutorial on how to flash your bios on your card? If so, where can I see / read it? I am new to overclocking and this may sound dumb, but I am going to ask it anyway...what is a 24/7 overclock that is safe to use? I do another question....what is the best why to test a GPU overclock?
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