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  1. have a 780 using Rev3 Bios @1241/6520 1.212v Anyway its been fine as far as I can tell since august but I just noticed today when I was getting low FPS in BF4 that my GPU clock was stuck at 823. I tried re applying the OC, different games, changing to vcore ect. Stayed at that setting. My Settings in Nvidia Control Panel are adaptive and the GPU Usage was 98%. Normally when the GPU boost downclocks on your bios its because its built into the driver however I've never seen it do this before. Any idea? It fixed itself after reboot. Weird thing is EVGA Precision X reported my Max clock at 1241 at some point in time during that boot, so it must have locked itself at somepoint in the few hours my PC was on.
  2. So v2 cant go below 1.15v from what I read right? Does that mean I am on v3? Also my GPU down clocks in steps, someone mentioned going from your OC to 901mhz is normal, is going from 1256(OC) - 1102 when GPU utilization is low normal? And I cant figure out how to buy svl7 a beer
  3. If I have my OC to 1256 will it still drop at Maximum performance to lower clocks? Also I can lower my vcore down to 936, anythign lower won't stick. Not that I care but does that mean I am using v2 or v3. It goes down into the 800s when idling though - - - Updated - - - Depends, it should. Are you hitting your max power or max voltage?
  4. I have a few questions, first I am not sure if I am using v2 or v3, was wondering if you could tell by the driver version. 80.10.3A.00.81 (p2083-0020) 2nd, some games downclock even thought GPU boost is disabled. Most seems to be CPU dependent ( Arma 3, Planetside 2 ) or when my FPS is already crazy high ( CSGO ). This is normal? Also does the nvidia setting adaptive vs performance effect this bios at all, any benefit to changing it? Thanks. Also is there anyway I can leave a tip or should I just pay the site?
  5. Okay its doing the thing again, its been 4 minutes on thedesktop, won't downclock or downvolt. Update Tried enabling and disabling kboost, got a bsod upon disabling, restarted and things were fine, I changed power plan from maximum to adaptive, this won't effect my gpu at all since it has no gpu boost right? Not sure if that was the issue, will find out soon I guess, any ideas
  6. I'm not sure what bios version im using but my card won't dowclock during idle, looks like I dled your bios on the 9th. Version is 80.10.3A.00.81 (p2083-0020) Clock is downclocking fine now, not sure what was wrong. Whats different in Rev3, do I have Rev3? Edit: looks like I have ACX Rev2, what does Rev3 include? Worth flashing to?
  7. Would changing the nvidia power performance do anything?Its not a result of a bad flash is it?
  8. My card for some reason occasionally scales back its gpu clock in arma 3. Also at these times the power draw is pretty low. Game is very cpu intesive. Any reason why this is happening?
  9. Multiple times while playing Arma 3 I saw my GPU clock go up and down, now the server does have a ingame graphics changer but I am not sure if that accounts for this Why does it do this? I thought GPU boost 2.0 is disabled. Should be noted it uses alot less power and most likely usage from the GPU as its CPU reliant. Edit shit wrong thread. This is a 780 ACX SC using the proper 3A bios. Will leave here because i am on my phone
  10. I found at stock bios I could get a +300 memory offset. No point in trying to push it now that I flashed right?
  11. From what I can tell pretty much anything is safe. Rasing your vcore to 1.212v isn't going to make much of a difference degradation wise and since even with the bios' here getting rid of GPU boost your GPU will still downclock when idle. there is no flat out best 24/7 OC to use, you will need to find that yourself. I try to aim for a max temp during heaven benchmark of 80-85c as this is what nvidia tends to limit it to. Chances are you will hit temp limits far before you hit power or vcore limits with these bios'. I heard on ************** that running 24/7 1.2v will degrade in a year but svl7 can clear that up. I am also not sure if using more watts then intended is safe but again hopefully svl7 reads my post and clarifies svl7 want to double check that my info is right? - - - Updated - - - Seems like alot does it not?
  12. Alright, seems like I have 1246 mhz stable, the extra power really seems to be paying off. I understand that it doesn't matter what power usage I pick right? I have it at 115% but its reporting to only be using 88% when before at stock bios I was capping out at 106%. Whats the mechanics behind the pwoer system? Is 88% refering to the 340w or the 115%?
  13. I did -4 -5 -6 but it worked, is that okay?. Kinda weird though, I accidentally pressed shutdown instead of restart after flashing, anyway when I booted up I had no internet and precision X was still saying max power was 106%, restarted, now everything is fine, 115%, 1020 clock, is there a reason for this?
  14. Okay so I have finally been able to download the bios, how do I flash it with nvflash? I keep getting this
  15. Overclocking won't make the game palyable at new settings but might give you 3-6fps extra. Maybe more, the 460 GTX was a decent OCer if I remember right, however fermi is a hot chipset
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