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  1. PROBLEM SOLVED THX TO svl7! 1. Create Bootable USB stick and bios backup following to this guide: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/2260-lenovo-y580-y480-unlocked-bios-versions.html 2. Download bios you want to flash. 2. Download FPT Tool from here and prr tool from here. 3. Put the prr and fpt files on your bootable USB stick, as well as the bios you want to flash. 4. Boot your pendrive and type prr and press Enter. 5. Flash with fpt -f [I]biosnamehere[/I].bin -bios. 6. Reboot if there's no error message, go to the bios and load the default settings.
  2. Added my current BIOS to attachment. LENOVO-5ECN96WW(V9.01).zip
  3. Here it is. LENOVO-5ECN96WW(V9.01).rom - Speedy Share - upload your files here Thank you for your time!
  4. I'd like to bump this thread, rly need svl7's help here
  5. I have seen 'Snitch' (2013) yesterday. I have to say Dwayne Johnson is quite good actor actually... [h=2][/h]
  6. I agree with Ufo104 Bioshock infinite is the king here. If you like games with gr8 storyline I can recommend u The Walking Dead. It's simple point'and'click adventure but the story really depends of your (tough) decisions. Lot of fun and tears. I guarantee.
  7. Thank You svl7 for your answer! I couldn't download attachments from your link. I created backup for my current bios using BIOS Backup ToolKit V2.0 though (have file LENOVO-5ECN96WW(V9.01).rom). I'm waiting for further instructions.
  8. Hi, first of all sorry for my english, is not my native language. I made huge mistake and need your advice to help me solve my problem. I have flashed accidentally my bios with wrong version. I have Y580 (v bios: 5dcn40ww) but instaled bios from G580 (v bios: 5ecn96ww). Flashing proces went smoothly w/o any errors but after restart my HDD is not visable in bios (only SSD work). When i tryied reflash it back, pop an error: I googled a bit and find the way to skip this error (extracted 5dcn40ww.exe using winzip and edited [Platform_Check] Flag=0 in platform.ini ) It helps, but in next stage, during flashing it returns an error: After many attempts and edits platform.ini i couldn't solve this error. If any1 know how to do it please tell me! ----------------------------------------------------- I have found following solution: How to flash InsydeH2O EFI under DOS enviroment - Lenovo Community I have done every step but unfortunately it doesn't work. After i boot my pendrive i can see this screen: I don't know what else i could do. Please help me.
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