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  1. Finally got time to get the classy cold!was just working on the core, will try mem tomorrow... SVl7, did you had time to figure out how to get 1.6v on the classy? I was able to set 1711 core but ran out of voltage! had to lower to 1698 to get the run to pass. Anyway your bios is simply awesome! I just need to find a way to get a little more v.... icebob`s 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme score: 6337 marks with a GeForce GTX 780
  2. didn't build it myself, got it build by sdumper, it need to be retuned, in the good days it was maintaining a gulftown at about -35c...
  3. put a big arse fan in front of the gpu... not bad for air cooling! icebob`s 3DMark Vantage - Performance score: 56327 marks with a GeForce GTX 780
  4. but that 0.1 volt more can make a 1750 overclock become a 1800... I'll take that in a heartbeat:Banane17:
  5. didn't try Valley yet, will sure do tho! I didn't have to go up tp 1.35v to hit those clocks, 1.3125 was enough.
  6. yep! icebob`s 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme score: 5841 marks with a GeForce GTX 780 got it up to 1415 but had to lower them mem to around 1650.
  7. That would be awesome! I can test for you if you want, refilling the 160 liters tank on Friday! (maybe you can make it a BIG bit!)
  8. The reason I'm asking is for LN2 purpose. The evbot go to 1.5v so that's where it's going to be! I just want to make sure when I get the card cold, I won't hit the limit.
  9. Any chance for a classy bios with a higher power limit?
  10. got the classy bios! works damned good! no more throttling! went from 52xx to 5494 in firestrike extreme! any chance for a bios with a higher power limit?
  11. Yeah that memory thing is a bummer, the best I can do is about +400 , and that's with a good tail wind, when I try to get vmem higher than 1.675, I'm hitting the 115%.. On the other hand, the core clock like crazy, I can run firestrike at 1410x1640 with 1.3vcore, the card barely break 60c temp wise...
  12. having issue clocking the mem... +350 is flaky thru Heaven... 1359x1650... need to try your bios!
  13. Thx, I was trying with the stock LN2 bios at about -30C as I had only about 1 liter left, will try again when I fill the dewar and get colder...
  14. Whit the classy bios, is it possible to set v higher than 1.5 with evbot? I mean you can set it higher but when reading with a DMM, seems to not go higher than 1.5....
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