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  1. No worries! Yeah this helps me, I was wondering cause I reached 96 Celsius max on my CPU the other day with bios A05 and wasn't sure if that was normal but it seems you're getting the same temps without overclocking. Thank you, //Enfore
  2. How hot does the CPU get for you guys during these tests? //Enfore
  3. Sorry if this is a silly question but I was wondering - Does the modified A05 bios allow the graphics card to be overclocked in battery mode like in A01 or does it have the same restrictions as the original A03? If so, I'd have to debate which is more important... Better battery performance or lower fan noise. Thanks in advance.
  4. I just finished a 2-2.5 hour gaming session of League of Legends, had high performance battery profile selected. Max cpu temp was 78c , but when I checked inbetween games in would be at around 69c-73ish c. Guessing those numbers aren't too bad. One thing of notice was that the game was running off the intel graphics and not the GT555m although I have it set to run on the GT555m in the nVidia control panel... Anyway, just wanted to post some of the temperatures I was getting! On idle and surfing the web it stays around 50c on the first core and 45c-48c on the other 3 cores. -- Enfore
  5. Hey everyone, also my first time here and I'm really happy I found this forum! @Steven: I just wanted to say thank you for your help on the battery issue and also the quiet profile setting. I haven't tried the quiet mode yet as I'm at work and my M14x is at home but I'll be sure to put in action as soon as I get home. Really excited to try it as yesterday I was just browsing the internet and such and sometimes the fan would kick in a bit which would be annoying in a lecture environment. Thanks again, can't wait to get home and try it! =) PS: Loving this laptop! It's an amazing machine. -- Enfore
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