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  1. Downsampling BIOS will not help You. Even BIOS of SL needs hardware modification of Titan. IF .... and it is good word IF...You want to overheat Your baby.
  2. I have to said that Version 04 and even 02 are the same. Scored on 1 Titan 6037 points in 3D Mark Extreme.Stock Cooling. Noticed no difference. Maybe when I will unblock hardware.For now its still nr 1 bios
  3. OK. I tested this rev V03. No difference. But anyway on V02 i am still on 10 place. So,Thank You anyway And conclusion : F**K it.still Titan all details on ULTRA in all games. For what we need OVC it ? For fun
  4. Hmm.I can swear that I tested it and Nvidia Inspector reports me still Magic 1.212 :/ Or Nvidia Inspector sensors lying and I shall use another monitor ?
  5. You mean that without hardware mod i can reach any voltage higher than 1.212 ?
  6. I do not understand one thing. For what we need Water Cooling when even with XOC Bios (engineering) without Hardware Modification is not possible to reach temperature higher than 83C. Even voltage increasing is stoopid.No effect.Always 1.212 V. No hardware mod.Not fun. Or am I stoopid and sensors in NVInspector,MSI shitburner.GPU-Z ... just lying. PS.Anyway F** IT.Even on ULTRA DETAILS in newest Splinter Cell BlackList.still have MAXIMUM FPS <3 love this card.
  7. I just found on main Maximus VI (bios settings) a lot of options to increase voltage of PCIE. What do You think ? If Titan has this blockade made by producer (voltage) can I reach high scores with fixing voltage in motherboard bios options ? For example default PCIE Voltage is : 0.9V. (reporting by Asus MB).... it will help something ?
  8. DO IT DUDE ! Unblock this limit but probably there is hardware limit,XOC Bios doenst score even 1.3. and i have to make some hard hardware modification.scary of it.
  9. sure sure i'm not thinking this way. i just need explanation. and help to reach that score. and as i said,and read forums,i need Hardware HARD mod.to increase voltage. or if You have another way,tell me. because with Your BIOS,and XOC BIOS,H2O cooling is the last thing which i need PS.PRoC LEAGUE means nothing for me.Your BIOS is COOL and not some group of crazy masturbation IT guys And on Your BIOS i scored 6037.Not on XOC Bios Nr 8 now. Lets go for nr 1 BTW.You live in the most beauty country which I ever seen (lucky bust,,,rd)..and even my girlfriend confirm that
  10. Sure.You catched my mistake in 3D Mark. True.And it was great.Thank You a lot. But nr 1 man,using XOC Bios (which is in my opinion piece of sh,,,, comparing Your great BIOS). And he have + 25 mV ? Its a joke ? When Iam using Your BIOS on my blocked Titan i got MAX 1.212. WTF is that DUDE ? SVL.Can You please flash this BIOS and check scores by Yourself. Its easy avaliable.
  11. And if we are talking about record. Tell me how he reached that with this funny VOLTAGE ? nacho_arroyo`s 3DMark11 - Extreme score: 6522 marks with a GeForce GTX Titan + 25 mV ? Hmm ? For what he need H2O cooling ? for that Voltage ?
  12. Any other tool to REAL increase voltage ? Because even on Engineering Bios and all throotle to the right i reach only 1.212 v (F.SICK!) And this BETA AFTERBURNER,when I download and install it doesn't run on my Asus And Maximum reachable temperature is always 82 Celcius. Even If I'll set DO NOT PRIORITY TEMPERATURE. Its really frustrating
  13. So i will do it one more time. With Your BIOS was only 400 p.lower. Its not some magic border to pass. Before that score On Your Bios I reached 6037.Now need only ovc litle bit. Anyway there is another still stoopid problem.... WTF ? Increasing voltage doesnt give heating of card over 83 ? I switch priority to temp to off. And he still doing this sh**t. SVL tell me what I'm doing wrong that (check the pic) Uploaded with ImageShack.us Even If i move this power throttle and Voltage to THE END.... and temperature is not priority. Its always on 78 Celsius. I CANNOT EVEN HEAT IT UP !!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAA
  14. Ok.i've uploaded Engineering BIOS. And have stoopid mistake of 3D MARK. Trying till this evening. Thx Dude !
  15. OK.SVL. Here is my report 1.3DMark11 - Extreme overclocking records @ HWBOT Position nr 8. 2.OdrzutoweWrotki`s 3DMark11 - Extreme score: 6037 marks with a GeForce GTX Titan Details Pls.Check the picture with the system scores which is uploaded there.You can see two point which worrying me : a) My Titan still is not hotter than 83 %. Even Fans Level : Max 70 %. SO WE HAVE MORE POSSIBLE SAFE POWER ! (temp and fan level). But i Cannot go any further.3D Mark hang up or going back to windows. I used Your OC edition '03. 2 questions : 1.With OC edition "02 SC i shall go further ? 2.Maybe You can prepare some harder bios to hit Fans Level 100 % or Temperatur more that 90 ? Power throttle 5 % more that 110 ? Higher Voltage ? Any idea ? Thank You Man !
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