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  1. 1.copy Yx01.bin to U disk root directory(none bootable) . 2.shut down and unplug battery and power adapter. 3.insert U disk. 4.press and hold the Fn+R hotkey. 5.plug in the power adapter. 6.release Fn+R hotkey. 7.boot pc. 8.wait...
  2. I have a original recovery bios from LENOVO. Who are interested? 3.05.zip
  3. Late,i do not download the test file. But now i understand,in the Official BIOS,search "iflash_ec_img" ,from 02 00 70 02 ...cut 131072 bytes. It's EC file. Use flashit xxx.bin /EC. Now my EC version is 3.05.
  4. Same problem. Type flashit /? no /EC /ECB parameters.
  5. flash failure 1.boot in dos run EC.bat waiting for a second, Ctrl+Alt+Del restart 2.restart 3.restart again,in the bios setup EC version not change.
  6. Yes,EC became V2.07 ,when i flash your Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].
  7. EC can not flash by oneself.It do not store in the SPI IC(2M 4M). I used the spi programmer,EC can not change. The EC program must store in the IC(IT8586E).
  8. The problem of boot twice you can check in BIOS [ boot from USB ] disable it.
  9. win8.1 SLI issue you can flash the 2nd VGA card(GT750m) at win8 run NVFlash.bat with Administrator Account 2ndVGA_750.zip
  10. Does anyone can share the bios 1.10 or 1.09 you can delete the win8 key at 0x0034D000 Thank you!
  11. Hi,svl7 Can you share the new BIOS? etc v1.09 v1.10 You can remove the windows key from the files. I want update my laptop bios(v1.07). Thank you.
  12. I have test the backup file. I modify the bios and flash it back. It's ok. Now my notebook use atheros 938x wlan card. To avoid accident,i buy a programmer.I take the chip from the mainboard,use the programmer read the chip. Two files are same. Thank you svl7!
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