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  1. still getting micro stuttering in DA2 cant for the life of me figure it out
  2. ok then i so should i just follow brians method for the manual usb flash? since the auto flash will not work ?
  3. ok internet explorer worked but its still giving me the error that i do not have ati 5870's. Again the Device manager is saying ther 5800 series?
  4. hey guys so the installation worked perfect but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get the vbios off the dell website keeps starting up the download manager but never downloads anyting the master card came with the correct bios but the slave is sitting at the 20.19 so any help would be great! Edit- Also i tried brians auto flash from dell but it tells me i do not have the 5870's installed the device manager says i have 2 5800 series so not sure what the problem is also i did a vantage run and got P15564 which seems right.
  5. whew those guides are in depth haha i really want to do those thermal pad/paste upgrades too see to make it run much cooler but ill have to wait on that haha the 2 new GPU's werent super cheap lol.
  6. Sup guys! Came over from notebook review thought id ask for some knowledge dropped on me. I recently ordered 2 new 5870's for my M17x-R2 to upgrade from my 4870's now dell offerd free home tech to install but im quite worried that hes going to mess my perfectly working computer up if i let him. So the question is. Should i let him do it or is there plenty of info like a step by step guide online for me to do this? also once there installed what steps do i have to take to make sure there working perfectly.
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