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  1. Enter bios, rapidly spam your F2 key when the computer turns on. - Switch to "Boot" and set “Launch CSM” to Enabled. - Switch to "Security" and set "Secure Boot Control" to Disabled. - Press F10 to save and exit.
  2. The installation of the same model, it's 100% compatible Panasonic UJ-240 6X SATA Blu-Ray Slim Burner
  3. It occurred to me a black screen after the update has been changed for motherboard
  4. A month ago I got a black screen problemWas changed for motherboard, returned everything works.But The backlight keyboard does not working Please help:concern: Warranty expired
  5. The purpose of my post was to inform those new to BIOS flashing of the potential consequences. While it may seem like a good idea to test the new unlocked settings, it loses its luster quickly when your laptop fails to restart and you are unable to access the BIOS to backrev it. Personally, I feel the ASUS Limited Warranty is of limited value, but users should be fully aware of the consequences when they install a modified BIOS.
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