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  1. PREMA, is the last p150EM bios compatible with w8.1 ? Or i have to use the stock one?
  2. I really don't know where can I see how the CSM is set. I'm kind of noob in these questions D:, but my system is running in UEFI mode
  3. So, any recommendations? My windows works without any errors, just this circle ....
  4. Prema, my boot logo have a weird bug, do you know what is this ?
  5. Yes, the version is 1.02.17PM v2, but i really don't have the full fan speed mode... Any advice ?
  6. Hi Prema, yesterday i flashed my bios with your version but I really don't know if its "working" because I didn't notice any differences and i don't have the full fan mode. I'm instaled the last version on your blog with the left win key option. Thanks
  7. Does this driver better than the one on the station-drivers.com ? Qualcomm, Atheros, Zidas, Attansic, Intellion drivers, firmwares On killers page they say : Version and the last driver on station is :
  8. Savvas, the Admin Privileges are already fixed? I can't see the temps on the menu...
  9. this problem not occurs because of lack of colors ? I'm really sorry for the bad english haha..
  10. I will test this when i get the 5 posts.. haha. But Savvas, is there a list of games compatible with this library ?
  11. There's no way to mix the colors of the keyboard to "make" new ones ? For example,if you put the colors "green - red - yellow" the red becomes something orange.
  12. The drive looks amazing ! Savvas, there's no way to "translate" the AlienFX API for the current softwaren even tough different ?
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