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  1. Must be a chronic issue, I too had to return my initial purchase (less than a week later) cuz the msata failed. Ive found easy ways to switch it out in Win 7 (uninstall cache apps, clear caches, replace msata ssd and reinstall drivers and apps), but Win 8 still iffy. Paragon might be able to do it, as it reads the msata drive, but Id be hesitant without solid backups and willingness to resort to clean install.
  2. And the answer to your question is: Most likely cache drives, sleep and hibernation, which are controlled by ExpressCache and Intel Rapid Storage (someone on another thread said it was another Intel App so I could be wrong on that point) - bottom line is that data is stored in software controlled cache partitions for things live Rapid Boot and HDD caching. Also, even though something is "deleted" or "formatted" doesn't mean it's gone, especially if protected. Have you tried OKR or Fresh Install or Repair?
  3. Just wanted to pipe in and say that it may be too late in your case, but I just did this a few days ago with Paragon Trial and a SATA Optical caddy. SSD into caddy, Migrate the HDD, turn off and switch them out and reboot. May have to re register a few items but worked like a charm. Is it giving u the Ocean Breeze Screen of Saving Error Info and restarting? Only way I was able to get out of that was to use the original HDD with a One Key Recovery Backup. However, as you changed the drive partitions I've read that causes errors with the OKR system . . . so you may be SOL. Best bet is a fresh install with a Windows Disk or USB. Make sure getdrivers too and to save any backups and data.
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