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  1. @Xonar could it be,as suggested by bertox before, that the IGD option I changed in the bios killed my vbios ? If so, you answered that he could have tested with a spare mxm card which I may have but if the lappy is now a vbios killer I'm not sure I want to test that. Is it possible to flash vbios the same way we flash bios ? With a USb stick, blind flash ?
  2. Hi, I have the same problem as Bertox a few page before : http://forum.techinferno.com/msi/1839-msi-g-series-unlocked-bios-16.html#post30276 I'm currently trying to recover from black screen with a USB stick and a CDROM. I'm trying to make it flash at boot, but still no luck. Now I'll try what etch said, perhaps with some luck :-/
  3. I recently saw DieHard5 and I never saw such a piece of shit before. I'm just happy because I resisted and didn't went to watch it before, so the entering cinema price was lower.
  4. Parov Stellar, Cat Groove for a good day !!
  5. Hello. I'm Mike from France. I cam here via google, searching for unlocked MSI bioses. I hope to get and give help. See you later in the forums !
  6. I had hard time with these drivers and scaling option always greyed. If anyone have a problem with scaling option and the newest AMD drivers (13.X series) here is the workaround: -Down the resolution , i.e you were at full 1920x1080 and that is the maximum resolution supported, set it to something lower than the native one, i.e 1600x900 -The scaling option is now not greyed anymore -Set it to what you want (adapt, center, fit) -Set your resolution back to native if you want to. The scaling option goes back to greyed, but the option selection is still good. Plus the CCC is totally buggy. The page refresh are random.
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