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    Gaming Headset

    I do agree with idea of Steel Series Siberia V2 (White). I had been using it for about two months. Its really is an awesome headset. Its design is really cool and its fits perfectly on head. Steel Series Siberia V2 , it rockzz....
  2. I brought lenovo y500 without gt650 sli, from amazon. But i would like to add sli to it. But Lenovo had stop selling Gt650M, they only sell Gt750M now. So can i use Gt750M with my Y500? Dose Gt750M and Gt650M works in sli mode?
  3. The swapper is a puzzle solving game happening in space. Its a 2D games,but it is a very fun games. It got good score of in IGN. Its really has a good set of ingenious puzzles. Im sure if u love played LIMBO your are going to love this game....you really are going to... I love the puzzles they had...You are going to work your brain a lot for to complete this game... But the atmosphere dose feels little boring for me, its not good as that of LIMBO...
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