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  1. Well I managed to get 1228/3649 out of this new ACX bios with it's extra 0.012v on my SC ACX, but I have not tried the stock oc bios so I cannot comment on that. Best I could manage before was 1215/3549 in valley 77.3fps. Edit: Forgot to say "thank you" to svl7 for this bios, where are my manners?
  2. I actually had to use GPU-Z 0.6.6, I tried 0.6.4 but it wouldn't work for me.
  3. Thanks from all the ACX owners, but quick question will you be doing a SC ACX version or just the standard ACX one? Not sure what the difference, just the default boost is higher? I have a SC and it boosts to 1097MHz stock. I look forward to trying out your bios, and will post back with my results.
  4. Allowing your GPU to render that many frames can actually overwork your card unnecessarily and cause a lot of heat. Depending on your refresh rate you shouldn't be running your game much higher that 60 or 120FPS. In games other than multiplayer fps games v-sync will do this fine, but it will/can add a small amount of input lag. This is the best time to use an fps limiter as you can manually set a cap without the input lag. In BF3 I have my fps limited to 62 as I've found that with it set to only 60 I get screen tearing, however at 62 it's nice and smooth.
  5. The same thing happened to me with 2033, which is why I'm hesitant to buy it until it goes on sale.
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