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  1. awesome work there!! just for a clarification, how much time difference does it make when charging from low battery level to full, between the standard 240W connector and this??
  2. Was planning about buying an msata ssd for my m17xR4 and came across a doubt. I thought msata port meant the port is a standard one, but looking at an ssdboss comparison chart, there was more than one msata port, like the mSATA PCI-Express port, msata sata III, etc. I was about to buy Plextor 128GB mSATA SSD M5M Series PX-128M5M, and wanted to confirm if it will work my R4. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if time permits, please tell me about any pros and cons about the plextor ssd I mentioned above, like if it supports TRIM, if there is better compatible msata ssd for the same price etc. Thank you.
  3. Guys I'm thinking of upgrading my R4 to 3D. Can someone point me the links to a compatible 120Hz screen and the 3D vision kit?? where do I buy it?? In amazon there are like 100 products claimong to be 'THE' 3D vision kit 2. It'd be nice if you can paste a legit link from amazon or newegg here.
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