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  1. i think what the lad's problem is the grounding of his keyboard. I had this problem once and it was combined with the shaky touchpad.. the only thing that i done was open the maintenance cover and tighten a bit of loose screews and the silver tape that is showing.. i don't know how it worked, but the problem is gone now.. only the touchpad seldom shows these problems anymore.. so i may suggest that he checks if there are loose screws, loose (grounding? i don't know it is silver in color)tape and loose connections. Maybe lenovo refurbishes under warranty y500's and resell them as new? XD anyway.. whats the problem with windows 8 and bluetooth? the bluetooth is not reliable and when i leave my laptop and goes to sleep, the bluetooth headset outputs laggy and stuttering sound. is this solved when the wireless card is replaced? my wireless card is a qualcomm atheros and not the intel one.. so help is appreciated on this matter any news on the gpu running at at least the performance of a HD4000 on battery BTW? sorry for my bad english.. it is not my native language XD
  2. even just a little bit above idle speeds? even at the level of performance of a hd4000? and at the XM cpu part.. i know that there is a 45 w cpu with the same type of socket that the mobo of the y500 has.. only i can't remember the name.. found out that info on another thread
  3. 1 last question.. can I remove the god forsaken gpu limiter when running in battery? i want at least be able to play games at low settings on battery.. the gpu limiter essentially makes this laptop a portable desktop (-_-") - - - Updated - - - if anyone survived switching the socketed cpu then i will be buying a i7 xteme edition cpu for this laptop and a medal for that brave lad XD
  4. Hello octiceps, remember me? I see that up until now you are following this thread XD.. i have a question for you.. can i change the primary gpu ? I want my my primary gpu to be the ultrabay gpu so that my primary gpu will not break down first and keep temps down sorry for the extra trouble and thank you for helping me so far and i will gladly +rep anyone that can give me a solution to this
  5. you can underclock via MSI Afterburner and Nvidia Inspector even when not modded (correct me if i am wrong)
  6. how can i do it through Nvidia inspector please:01:
  7. Can anyone bypass the idle speeds of the GPU's in battery through the BIOS? i want to run it at least at 300/600 so that i can play at low settings on battery. This laptop is awesome but we should game a bit on battery not always chained to the power outlet
  8. did you enter [ nvflash iX -r] before flashing the vbios? i had problems when i didn't enter that command before flashing. and please check if the vbios you have downloaded is the correct one - - - Updated - - - yes , the bios mod removes the whitelist that idiot lenovo put into the bios
  9. BTW @svl7 you should specify the vbios flashing that you only need to flash the ultrabay cpu on sli models aka <1> to avoid confusion and can i change how my laptopperforms in battery? like removing the 135 idle speeds of the laptop onbattery
  10. the bios flashing is a success! man it's like a whole new world blasted into your face with this mod, so much locked stuff! BTW in the thermal settings(?) does changing the fan speed setting of low makes something happen? and kudos and thanks to @svl7 @octiceps and @Kamnnoriel !!! gonna flash the vbios now for more oc awesomesauce
  11. okie dokie thanks again for assisting me my friend EDIT: okay now i can't boot into my USB these are the files' placements and i formatted the USB with the tool and have USB boot enabled in the BIOS so please tell me what is wrong
  12. thank you, will report back after i've done this. BTW whats the worst that could happen if i mod my bios?
  13. so i have to copy the folder win98 to the root of the empty formatted drive?
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