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    Y500 Bluetooth

    I just noticed, that my bluetooth stopped working properly after updating bios from 1.03 to 2.02 and then to modified 2.04 one. Before that everything was running fine with intel drivers (switching on/off, bluetooth working after sleep/hibernating). Now it's really annoying. Are there any changes in Windows 8.1?
  2. I can recommend Lenovo Y series: Y580 is good notebook, only heard rummors about overheating HDD drive in it's original position Y500 is better if You don't mind shorter battery life - with GT650M SLI it's a real powerhouse (but absence of Optimus causes much shorter battery life)...
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Chris, I'm enginnering student from Poland. I found this forum trying to find information about overclocking my new laptop GPU (i thought it won't be even possible). Conclusion after few hours of reading this forum - I wannabe pro someday and share my knowledge, like You guys!
  4. Have You bought wireless hearset already? If not and You're still wondering, I can suggest You Philips SHB9100. I'm very satisfied with them. They cost about 130$, dunno if its not expensive for You. This bluetooth headset is very comfortable to wear, with decent bass and quite sound proof. Battery lasts about 9h, works perfectly with Sgs2 i9100, nexus 10 tablet and windows 8. And when battery is down You can always use them with mini-jack cable. Ask if You have any questions (probably depending if U have bought headphones already)
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