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  1. I have to disagree. My Macbook Mid 2014 13 inch Retina runs very well with windows 10. In the beginning I got some problems (upgrade 8.1 to 10), but after a windows 10 reset everything works fine. I've used the win10 nvidia drivers and the optimus mod + internal and external screen. Later this weekend I will test an Macbook Pro 15 2014
  2. Ok for me - I've found a solution for the macbook 2015 models -> I've returned my 2015 and bought a 2014 model. Now my egpu (zotac gtx 970 + akitio) works. Now there's only one problem left: Without optimus mod: Sometimes optimus is missing, but i can restart without touching the egpu (I just let it activated) With the optimus mod: I have to repower the egpu every restart. -> Is that the normal behaviour?
  3. Thanks in advance . I will give it a try as soon as I'm home (i'm from germany).
  4. I used an external screen (without mod). I cannot understand why my benchmark scores are now so much lower. * With the mod i cannot even boot at the moment. If I can follow you i see that the Optimus EFI installation is not clever to install with the newer 2015 models *I'm a bit confused about the booting behaviour...in the beginning my macbook showed only the spinning ball and booted straight to windows (this configuration just stopped working after a few reboots). With my newer way to power the setting up, it shows the Windows logo, but I got the lower benchmark scores.
  5. @Dschijn I will try it again (With the new efi loader) -> With the normal EFI i already tried it that way. Thanks . @goalque, i tried it because i was wondering about the huge performance drop (unigine 1450 vs 1000).
  6. Hey guys, maybe you can help me out. My specs: Macbook Pro Retina 2015 13 i5 Akitio Thunder 2 (power via barrel plug) Corsair VS350 (till my da2 arrives) Zotac GTX 970 My situation: 1. The first time i installed bootcamp and tested the egpu, everything worked and seemed fine. I got 1450 points out of heaven unigine benchmark. After some restarts and the use of the optimus setup the egpu stopped booting my windows. (black win 8 spinning screen) 2. I thought it has to do with the efi mod provided in this thread...so i tried to revert it back (the efi backup copied it files, but the grub loader stays in the efi.) So i decided to format my machine with a time machine backup. After that i found out my Setup worked in Windows with the following boot order. [1. Turn on the psu | 2. Activate the macbook with alt. | Put in the thunderbolt cable, wait 5 seconds and boot ]. With that boot order i can boot and enjoy games (The windows logo appears. Never happend before in the windows loading sequence). But the performance is now quiet low. Guess to missing optimus? I only get 1000 points out of the heaven unigine benchmark. 3. And now to the point where i'm stucked again. I tried to install again the efi mod. After the installation of the efi mod my boot order from "2." isn't working anymore. The "revert back try" is doing the same again. I'm a bit frustrated and i hope one of you guys can help me out. PS. 1. If I boot into Windows and then plug the egpu in the system crashes. 2. The script in the beginning post to revert back is not 100% correct I guess -> i tried it that way. "2. mkdir /Volumes/efi sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk0s1 /Volumes/efi 3. hdiutil attach ~/Desktop/EFIBackup.dmg ditto -V --norsrc /Volumes/EFIBackup /Volumes/EFI has to be: ditto -V --norsrc /Volumes/"Efi 1" /Volumes/EFI Efi 1 is the volume name of the copied efi in the "EFIbackup.dmg". sudo diskutil unmount /dev/disk0s1 4. Profit"
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