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  1. Actually this picture is from your post, I am so sorry that I quoted it before I don’t get you permission. I just want users to see the Ultrabay obviously. Next two pictures are that the performance show through miniPCI-e connected GTX670 and setting egpu. The key is that I don’t know how to use Ultrabay that connect to the desktop graphics?
  2. Currently I know the method of connecting a desktop graphics that is only connected to the minipci-e on the motherboard, but only PCI-E 2.0 1X be able to achieve. If we can use Ultrabay that connect to the desktop graphics, PCI-E 2.0 8X will be able to achieve. In this case,the performance of external graphics will get better. Does anyone know that the interface is it? Now somebody successfully use minipci-e that connected to the GTX670, its performance is quite satisfactory, as shown below: I don’t know whether my expression is obvious,I hope that everybody can understand.
  3. 650M SLI Overclocking can be true,through using nVidia Inspector on the drive of 310.90. Because my English level is low,Accurate process cann’t express.So sorry!
  4. I'm from China,I'm excited to read the article,but I can't download.Sincerely,I am not good at English,I'm going to read and reply.
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