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    If you're okay with laggy UWP interface, background activity, too heavy interface design for standard HD screen and general idea "OS needs to be smarter than user", then this OS is good for you. AFAIK there's none really different options, all available 2...3 displays comes with ugly "white" bluish LED backlight without any PWM compensation. And there is two possible solutions for each problem, both tricky: 1. disassemble the screen, extract backlight strip and resolder the LEDs to better ones - i'm can't even guess is those LEDs possible to find. However on aliexpress you can find some LED strips for generic laptop screens, or buy a broken IPS screen from thinkpad and try to use it's strip; 2. This issue needs to pach a video bios for a new PWM frequency - this was already done by the x2*0 users. Or try the IntelPWMControl. Or as theoretical alternative - PWM-to-Linear conversion module installation. Like this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000269274889.html
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    Hi, In this thread you can post your requests for AMD-V unlock on ACER E5-553G and same laptops with AMD CPU's, for example Acer Aspire E15, Acer Aspire E5-523G, Acer Aspire E1-522, Acer Aspire E1-420, Acer Aspire E5-421, Acer Aspire V5-123, and etc. Now we can unlock AMD-V function for virtualization support. In general, this method described in the article on this link: http://www.geektech.co.nz/how-to-unlock-...enovo-y700 This way requires Windows as a system because some tool works only in Windows. Download this tool: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4NHIBM...RtQXM/viewExtract the archive H2OUVE.rar directly on the Desktop and copy the H2OUVE folder directly on the disk C:\ Then run the Command prompt as Administrator and execute these commands: cd \ cd H2OUVE H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt After each command press the Enter button. After that, you'll have the file "vars.txt" in H2OUVE folder.Post here this file "vars.txt" or upload it to any fileserver and send me the link. For reference, here's the EFI-table with available settings for this notebook: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4NHIB...WI4LW14bE0 And here's the setting that needs to be changed: 0x1C40B Setting: SVM support, Variable: 0xEE {05 91 54 02 55 02 54 00 34 12 EE 00 00 10 00 01 00} 0x1C41C Option: Disabled, Value: 0x0 (default) {09 07 27 00 10 00 00} 0x1C423 Option: Enabled, Value: 0x1 {09 07 28 00 00 00 01}
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    For those who don't like the restrictions Lenovo put on their system, here's a BIOS mod that will get you back at least some of the freedom you should have over your own hardware. Features: WLAN card whitelist removed, any (hardware-wise compatible) card should now work hidden BIOS menus unlocked VBIOS tweaked for more performance and better tuning possibilities Keep in mind that not necessarily all of the BIOS options available with this mod will be fully functional, so use the new available settings with care. If you're unsure about something don't change it and ask here, someone might be able to help. Available for v1.07 / v1.09 / v1.10 and v3.05. v2.04 and v2.07 added (only whitelist removal as for now) If you have a different BIOS (or more specific, a BIOS newer than 3.05) I will need a copy of it in order to make it work for your system. Instructions for flashing the modified BIOS v3.05: You need a USB stick prepared to run DOS, here is a guide you can follow in case you don't know how to do this: Guide by @StamatisX - thanks! >>> Before continuing make sure the AC adapter is connected to your laptop and your battery has at least 20% charge remaining. <<< (0) - NOTE: This step is Only necessary if your system isn't already using BIOS v3.05 Update to the official v3.05 BIOS provided by Lenovo . (1) - Create a backup of your own BIOS (now v3.05) by using Fptw64 tool. Extract the files and run the included .bat file from an admin command prompt. . (2) - Download Lenovo_Y510p-Y410p_[v3.05]_modified.zip and put the files of folder [1] to the root of your prepared USB DOS stick. Let the BiosFixer prepare your BIOS for flashing by drag and dropping your backup file on it. Put the created "v305mod.bin" file to the root of your USB DOS drive as well. . (3) - Now you need to downgrade the firmware back to v2.07 (Y510p-Y410p_v207_[stock].zip) in order to flash the mod. . (4) - Boot from your USB DOS drive, when you see the command prompt type BIOS and hit enter. Wait until the BIOS is flashed (you can safely ignore warnings about non-existing regions). . (5) - Once the BIOS flash completed with no errors, type EC and hit enter. Wait until the EC is flashed. Then reboot. . (6) - Go to the BIOS setup menu, load the default settings, apply and reboot. Done. In case you're using an ultra bay GPU follow the instructions in post #2 and flash the vbios.. NOTE: It's crucial that you flash both, BIOS and EC. Having different EC and BIOS versions can in certain situations lead to issues. IMPORTANT: If you want to go back to stock v3.05 you can do that easily by simply using the official update from Lenovo. That's it, nothing additional required in this case. Old instructions for users with v1.07 / v1.09 / v1.10 or v2.04 / v2.07 who for some reasons don't want to update to v3.05: Video walk-through of bios settings (thanks @allstone): My donation link in case you want to buy me a beer Download link for files referenced in this post:
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    UPDATE: ALL DOWNLOADS LISTED IN THIS POST FOUND HERE. Nvidia 'Kepler' GPUs - modified VBIOS files >>> NOTE: More versions (including voltage mods) exclusive for T|I users can be found in the second post. <<< The 'Kepler' GPUs from Nvidia perform really well, even at increased clocks speeds they stay quite cool - a perfect behavior when it comes to overclocking and improving the performance. Unfortunately the mobile GPUs suffer from an artificial +135MHz core overclocking limit, so you can't go higher by using tools like Nvidia Inspector and similar. The modified VBIOS files listed here have this limit unlocked, some have increased stock clocks or tweaked voltages. Just refer to the description. All files have been modified by myself, if you like them feel free to buy me a drink, donation link can be found below GTX 660m: 660m_OC_edition__VBIOS_[DELL].zip- comes with unlocked software overclocking limits 660m_GHz-Edition_overvolted_VBIOS_[DELL].zip - default 3d clock 1000MHz, base boost 1200MHz,, memory (3d) 1350MHz, increased 3d voltage undervolted editions possible, depends on interest, tba Some screenshots: GTX 680m: Clevo_680m_-_80.'OCedition'_revised_01.zip Dell_680m_-_80.'OCedition'_revised_00.zip Increased software overclocking limits & optimized for no throttling. Read the included 'Read me' file before flashing. Instructions: I recommend flashing under DOS using nvflash . Donation link in case you want to buy me a beer Thanks and cheers! More to come. Testers: Thanks @eliteone (Dell 660m), @littleone562 (Dell 680m) For all mods: Use at your own risk.
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    Hi! Please read "User Account Promotion Rules": https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/announcement/4-user-account-promotion-rules-read-before-posting/
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    Hey so I just finished reading the terms of service and reading a few of the other intros. Its kind of hard to not sound like everybody else but I will try my best. I have a 5 year old lenovo y50-70 that I have been upgrading slowly throughout the summer to increase my performance with it. The clock currently runs at 2.6 GHz and I can stably overclock it to 3.0 on most games. But once it gets up there the computer will thermal throttle even if its below 60 C. I'm looking to learn more into bois and overclocking in general. I don't want to brick my computer since I'm very new to this kind of stuff. I have to make 5 posts so I'm going to try to not put it all in one post. Thanks for reading.
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    Hey, looking for an adapter for y510p. I'm located in the EU and willing to pay reasonable amount for it (like not the price of this laptop, that would defeat the purpose). Alternatively, I have limited access to industrial grade pcb printing machines and knowhow. So could reproduce this as a one-off/knockoff. If someone could point me to the schematics that could be very helpful! Thank you
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    Hi! Yes of course. Just send me your file bios backup (dump) from your W541.
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    My system work fine. I got few strange problems with game Mass Effect Andromeda, when during some cut scenes picture freeze and GPU is disconnect in the system, so i have to reboot. I saw it only in this game. I tested few settings (Ultra, High), but at the end i set Ultra settings and it's fine now. You got such behavior only in one game?
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    Please read the first post of this thread, if you want to upgrade your Wi-Fi card and remove whitelist, or unlock hidden advanced menus and settings in bios setup menu, then you can post your request in this thread.
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    I don't work with any bios passwords, therefore I don't know answer on your question.
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    You need to make 5 posts before you can download for free or you can buy the membership
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    I want to return back to PCI Express 2.0 problem on Lenovo Y500. My CPU and GPU clearly support 3.0, but for some reason system allow only 2.0 connection. Recently der8auer released video where he installed Intel NUC 9 in desktop motherboard (mini PC inside PC) and GTX 1050 Ti. NUC 9 steal some PCI-E lanes so GTX 1050 Ti work only as x8 3.0, then he tape few pins of NUC PCI-E and installed it again and after that GTX 1050 Ti got x16 3.0. So, maybe because of dGPU always present in system Y500 have got 2.0?
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    This sounds simmilar to something that i have seen on several laptops that we carried. Something in the way the cpu or gpu were reporting their temperatures to the EC BIOS wasn't working right, or the ec bios itself was crashing or not detecting a good signal from the monitored devices, and it was entering a panic state (turnign on all fans to attempt to keep cool, then shutting off after a 10 count to protect the system.) The keyboard issue, though, is likely a purely mechanical issue. Ihave had a couple new laptops where the keyboard frame wasn't stamped quite right, and all the keys had to be pressed really hard to make contact. If i smashed all the keys down really hard, it would slightly bend the tabs that each key mounted on, and made it a lot easier to get them to register. Not for sure, but that's what it sounds like to me.
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    I have used the default sd card tray as a switch in my case. Ejecting the tray disconnects the connection and full fan. EDIT: Earlier i was using kensington lock port with a switch but it was not feasible since ultrabay always got in the way. Hence the switch to sd card tray.
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    The keyboard issue sounds like the notebook wasn't happy with the EC , maybe someone flashed an incompatible EC rather than flashing the bios and EC at the same time. You mentioned that you suspect a poor connection for the GPU fan, but FN + 1 works. I'd still suspect that the sense wire on the GPU fan might not be working, maybe worth just plugging in another similar fan of you have it, as a test. Otherwise I know it's probably the same as pulling the CMOS battery, but try the combo of FN + D and then hit the power button. Worst case maybe flash the bios and EC firmware with an external hardware rom flash tool.
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    Sweet any idea how to install bios? BTW download link not working not sure why
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    Siegu, Please review:: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m17x-aw-17/9548-alienware-17-r2-2015-a.html If you would like details, please PM me.
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