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    In 2022, I wish you a thousand good things. Please teach me how to unlock Bios to overclock Dell M6700 with 3940XM and K5000M. I have difficulty and do not know who to turn to for help until today... I don't have much money to upgrade another laptop while needing a higher configuration for work. Please spare me a little of your precious time. I am extremely grateful. I just flashed the Vbios K5000M by @Klem, and @Pseudodeed. Grateful for that Sorry for my English.
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    yeah that's always a good option since optical drives are mostly useless these days. You'll just need to keep the optical drive ribbon cable and the mounting bracket that goes around the current optical drive.
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    It's pretty much plug and play from what I remember, There could be something required to change in the BIOS but i would have to try and remember. The only issue is that the MXM slot provides constant power when the adapter is installed, even when power is removed so if you have the adapter installed then it will draw power. If you have the mains power turned off then the battery will drain. If you have the power on then the NVMe will log usage hours. You need to keep it unplugged and the battery removed when you're not using it. It's not much of an issue with the M18x as the battery is so easy to remove. It's a pain on the Alienware 18 though. Finding the adapter can also be a challenge, I think Aliexpress could be the only place these days.
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    I'm getting that error even though the file is way under the required size. Also getting some other weird error. Given up trying for now.
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    I'm having issues trying to upload some pictures here for some reason. I'm assuming you're talking about the small space just under the CMOS battery. There should be a small PCB installed here which you can plug in an mSata SSD. The port that is next to the wifi card is for the WiHD card but you can also get other cards that can use this port. I recently bought a broken R1 and the past user had a USB card in there. It has an actual USB port connector attached to it. I'm assuming to put in a bluetooth adapter for a wireless keyboard or mouse. I'm not home right now but I can get a photo of it later. `
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    The 17 R1 motherboard has both the LVDS port (60Hz) and the eDP port (120Hz). The eDP port is the one with the screw mounting holes and you cannot run the displays in the wrong port. If you want to upgrade to the 120hz display then you will need to find the panel and the display cable. The 60hz cable will not work with the 120hz panel. You can go to parts-people.com to find the part numbers you need. Here is a decent CFM fan, you'll just want to check with the seller that you will get the same one. This looks to be 10.55CFM https://www.ebay.com/itm/133984615631
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    Hi! Ok. Your bios with NVMe support done. Check PM. No.
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    Hey guys, I didn't see an "Introduce Yourself" thread or subforum, so I guess I'll start one here in OT. I've been registered at T|I for over a year on another account, but I've decided to keep my account name the same as the one I've had on NBR, so I just registered this one today. My name is Mike and I'm a notebook enthusiast, just like you all. My first gaming notebook was a Gateway P-7811FX, which was a great buy at the time, until the dreaded GPU problems started to surface. I did a review at NBR on it. My first taste in modding (software & hardware) started with that machine. Last year, I purchased a MSI 16F2 barebone which was a hell of a deal and I can't wait to put a 7970M in that baby, or possibly a 680M GTX if everything plays right with that card and my machine. I've also unlocked most of the MSI 1st and 2nd generation-core i notebook's BIOS which I posted at NBR. I was hoping to get the multipliers unlocked for my XM CPU, but unfortunately, AMI has let us down . At the very least, the BCLK is unlocked for a measly 3-5% OC. As you can see, I really loved NBR and notebooks, I was one of the oldest members there, having lurked for a good year before deciding to register, but things weren't all rosy in the end. So, how did I end up at T|I? Actually, I've been lurking T|I for a long time. The ICD7/24 thread, TS and svl7's threads are what got me started here. You guys aren't just reposters, you are hands-on people, original devs. I've grown incredibly tired of the lack of respect at NBR. I haven't bothered to continue my work on the BIOS after MU went down, as people were reposting my work and taking credit for it or begging. While it is free and I didn't take any donations for it, I was the one who did all the Googling, trying to decipher bad translations, downloading files with no documentation or clue as to what they did and had to figure it out on my own, and lastly, I was the guinea pig. I put my $1,200 notebook on the line for the better of the community and I would still get PMs filled with bad attitude and idiots who bricked their notebooks and blamed me for it because they couldn't read or had an incredible lack of common sense. The least one could do was give credit where credit was due, like I said, I never asked for a penny, unlike most BIOS unlocking forums. Heck, anyone who PM'ed me asking how I did it, I would straight up tell them everything, including linking the files needed and all directions. For a good week or two of my time and a some bad headaches, they had it handed to them on a silver plate in 5 minutes. The most frustrating PMs would be that I was rep whoring and anyone could have done the work I did. Well guess what? You didn't do it and I never rep-whored once I my life, if you look at the original post I give credit to my original testers, but I never say +rep me for my work. So, my journey at T|I posting starts today and I hope I can be of value here just as I was at NBR. I don't carry a vengeance against NBR, but the overall quality of the news page and forum has diminished significantly to a point where I barely enjoy browsing it. Also, this not a PG-13 forum, hurrah. So how about it, let's here how you all got started at T|I and a little bit about yourselves? FYI, the links are for reference, I'm not plugging my links for clicks/views as I don't benefit from it. I'm also not attempting to start a flame NBR thread (If there is an issue you can delete this thread without warning, I understand), but I notice that many of T|I members are also NBR members or were at one point so I believe a connection can be established.
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    what a topic about the IQ barrier I have found here, throughout my life I have discovered that the measurement of this segment of an individual is only a process of competition between those who feel more capable and those who like to follow, given that IQ measures efficient problem solving, it cannot measure experience! This supposes a natural barrier for a process of social escalation, if there are individuals in which their native languages are different from each other, the conversations hardly reach exciting levels in moral or social matters, in the technological media there is a collective base of knowledge integration and experience that fits perfectly, although they are great minds who create high-tech design elements, it is often people with focused experience, who usually solve their common problems, this does not make them smarter than the creators, it's just that your pressures and approaches are less risky! Putting an IQ test could close the minds of the members of this forum on the theory that if you only accept those who think like you, you will only find followers who go to the same place, and thus close all possibilities of finding solutions or better ones. solutions to each event a hug to all I hope and you are very well
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    ********** * This is only for systems with Intel chipsets. * * It still won't work for all of them, but for some it does. * This article is meant as an explanation for interested / advanced users. Since some of the more recent bios mods require the tool described below in order to allow flashing, I decided to share some information about it. Also I really don't like how users get locked out of their own hardware, this is a way to circumvent a couple of the more recent restrictions of certain systems. I hope this will be useful to some of you. If you know other ways to get around the current firmware updating restrictions (per software), please let me know. The problem: With the appearance of Windows 8 and Microsoft's requirement for OEMs to support 'secure boot' in order to get the Win8 certificate for their machines, a lot of the most recent systems (notebooks and desktops) use now firmware which is digitally signed. Since secure boot looses its purpose if firmware updates aren't verified and protected as well, the latest UEFI implementations come with a secure firmware upgrading procedure which makes sure that only properly signed and unmodified images can be flashed. This updating protections is active even if you don't enable secure boot. These two pictures explain the idea behind secure firmware updating very clearly: On the second picture you can see that the system verifies the firmware image even before it loads the drivers required for the flash. For bios modders or people who want to use modified firmware, the consequences of this are severe. It simply isn't possible anymore to flash digitally signed bios which have been modified, there's no way around the signature, at least not with the usual tools. The solution (at least for some systems): The only way to get around those new restrictions is to directly program the firmware flash memory and therefore leave out the verifying of the image. In Intel systems the flash chip is directly wired to the PCH, and it can be accessed by an Intel utility called Flash Programming Tool. It's a very powerful application which supports the most common flash memory chips. The requirement for it to work on a system are the following: - BIOS region of the flash memory must have write permissions - The OEM or BIOS vendor omitted to set an additional flash lock. - You can't flash an encapsulated firmware image, only the pure bios region. You will have access to the BIOS region for obvious reasons, but the second point can only be figured out by trying to flash a BIOS. If the tool comes up with an 'Error 28', download the attached 'prr' utility, as well as the DOS version of the flash tool. Put both on an USB drive which can boot DOS, boot from it and execute the prr.exe, if it manages to remove the protection on your system it will tell you 'ready to flash', in this case go ahead and directly flash with fpt, without rebooting before doing so. If prr can't remove the protection you're most likely out of luck, even though might be ways for certain systems, but the chances are pretty small. In order to flash a BIOS you will need to remove the capsule from the firmware image provided by your system manufacturer. You only want to update the bios. Then flash it by using this command: fptw64 -f FILE -bios (FILE stands for the image you want to flash) ***WARNING*** This tool is only for very advanced users. If you mess up it will override your BIOS without a warning or waiting for you to confirm. This means you can easily brick your system beyond any chance of recovery. You most likely don't need this tool. My BIOS mods which require this application for flashing will always come with a .bat file which will do the flashing for you. Again, for 99.9% of the users there's no need to mess with this. This version of the tool works only for 7 series chipsets. *InBeforeOmgMyYystemWontBootAnymore* The tool provided here by svl7 (prr2.exe and former prr.exe) may not be hosted anywhere outside of Tech|Inferno without the previous approval of the author. FPT_DOS.zip Fptw64.zip prr2.zip
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    I've seen people run 4tb SSD's in the R2 so it should work. Never tried it myself though. Nice! I'm glad you managed to get the driver installed. I have never come across that error though so I won't be any help with that one. Maybe it has something to do with running Windows 7, no idea really though.
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    After most games being unplayable I opened the system up and repasted with liquid metal. Now i'm seeing sometimes 7x my FPS in some games. Cod4 went from the 20's o well over 100 FPS, rocket league went from single digits to playable in the 40's etc. Highly recommended. Just trying to find a good download for the updated a08 bios with the SATA mod so I can access the performance options.
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    Hi! Here you go. prr.zip prr2.zip
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