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    Sorry I've been absent from Tech|Inferno everyone, life has kept me busy but I'm glad to see the forums humming along. We're always in the background ensuring things are running smoothly. To that end, I'd like to introduce my newest watercooled build that I think you'll like it. For a list of parts used and specs: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/HdHzK8 For comparison, here's the older version 2 that I had built in 2020:
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    No, if your laptop doesn't work correctly with your original bios dump, then I can't help you.
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    Hi All I've been searching all over the internet and these forums in particular and I just can't seem to get any answers regarding GPU upgrades for the Clevo P150HM. Neither can I get any real info on the difference between the HM and the EM model - the EM seems to be the much more talked about model. Anyway, my current GTX 580M is causing a black screen very occasionally and I decided to purchase a used GTX 980M (N16E-GX-A1) from aliexpress as a replacement. The seller isn't giving me much information and I am unsure if they've flashed the vbios on this card themselves, regardless of that I cannot seem to find a custom BIOS for this laptop either, the closest I found is P150EM_17_11_PM_v2 which is obviously for a EM not a HM model, again I don't know much about these two models and if attempting a flash with that BIOS will brick my laptop. The 980M is the correct form factor, it fits in perfectly and even warms up when I turn the laptop on, I can see the POST screen display but then it simply maxes the fans and beeps out until it shuts down. It would seem to be a pretty clear indication of incompatibility. Model: Clevo P150HM MB Series: P150HMx BIOS Revision: 1.01.14 KBC/EC Firmware Revision: 1.00.12 Another version number listed (not sure for what): 2.10.1208 I understand this is both an old subject and an even older laptop, but I would be extremely thankful for any help available and I am willing to drill down to create my own custom BIOS if necessary but I just need a point in the right direction. Failing all that, its not the end of the world as they've already agreed to a return and refund if I can't figure this out. Thank you.
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    Hi! Try to download MSI Afterburner utility or ASUS GPU Tweak utility, or Nvidia Inspector utility, and then try to overclock your card.
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    Name-Dell Vostro 3491 CPU-Intel i3 1005G1 RAM-12GB DDR4 2667 MHz Hard Disk Space - 931GB SSD Space-256GB OS-Windows 11 So yeah thats about it. Works just fine
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    Hi! This thread for Lenovo ThinkPad T450/T450s only! But you can create a new thread for your laptop model.
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    Hi! Ok. Your bios with unlocked whitelist done. Check PM.
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    Your files are not downloadable. could you please make them available? thanks.
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    so first up sorry for the thread necro not sure whats up with the thread most of the links are broken but I managed to piece enough together to make this work I am not the happy owner of a E6430 with i7-3740QM now running at 4.0Ghz fresh links to the tools since there appears to been some drama that resulted in breakage (why can't people just get along ffs) UEFI Tool https://github.com/LongSoft/UEFITool/releases I used NA A56 IFR Extractor https://github.com/LongSoft/Universal-IFR-Extractor/releases and to anybody that needs it here is the pre extracted IRF for a Dell Latitude E6430 BIOS A23 the latest and probly last bios as of this posting DELL 6430 BIOS REV A23 IRF_.zip as well as a minimal efi shell efi shell a minimal grub based cli with the setupvars tool efishell.zip dell.zip contains the python script for extracting uefi images from dells updater .exe (YOU MUST USE PYTHON27 To execute this script! dell.zip but in case you didn't want todo what i had to and spend 3 hours trying to navigate flamewars and broken links it boils down to this get the IRF table for your laptop boot to a efi shell config your desired vars remember you need to make sure the following are disabled TDP lock disabled config lock disabled TDP config up ENABLED then you can set your desired TDP and multis remember things are in hexadecimal so you need to remember to convert for example setup_var 0x25 0x28 will set the one core turbo multi to 40x here is a handy converter to make it easy https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/hex-to-binary.html?x=0x28 Same goes for tdp and other things you need to set be prepared to open your device and disconnect the cmos battery should you mess up and cause a no boot
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    So, I understand I must have 5 quality posts. What exactly qualifies a post as 'quality'? It kind of seems like this system is just asking people to create several posts without any motivation but to get the file they need. Thanks for your time -TCH
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    Dying Light 2 should be a really great game
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