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    I don't have del laptop but i successfully installed my egpu setup on my lenovo g580. The good news is that since you have intel cpu, it is more likely going to work, since most egpu setups i have seen was working with intel cpu's. The bad news (not so :)) is that you may have some troubles setting your egpu set up. The most difficult problem that you may have is BIOS whitelist for mpcie slot that your laptop may have. if this is the case i can't help you and i don't recommend you to flash your bios with modded one with more options, cuz if you do something wrong.....well.... i do not have to comment on that!!!! But if your laptop does not have whitelist you are lucky. First, you have to disable your dedicated GPU from bios settings if you have one. If not, skip this step. 2nd, you have to supply your GTX GPU with external PSU (see specs for your GPU power consumption) but any 350W PSU or above will do. IMPORTANT: You have to power on your gpu at first and then you power on your laptop. If you need more assistance, feel free to ask me. Hope that helped.
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