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17"HP Pavilion dv7t-6c00 + GTX 960 4GB + Win 7 + EXP GDC V8.0 Beast PCIe

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Hi Guys,


I have a HP Dv7 Pavilion SETUP issue with GTX 960 which didn't work after plug and play ,Can you please help me understand what might be the problem.





> I powered ON the PSU unit. Then powered the Laptop. Opened Device manager and disabled the existing radeon card.

> The adapted showed up in list of Display Drivers as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter". If i check the properties it said "This device cannot start (Code 10)".


> I loaded the graphics driver but it didnt change. Someone suggested to change "Switchable Graphics" to "UMA" in BIOS but i couldnt find any such option in my laptop BIOS.
It only had two options for Switchable Graphics "Fixed" and "Dynamic".


My laptop and card specs are as below. Can you please let me know what i am  missing. Thanks a lot in advance for all your help.

Laptop: HP DV7 pavilion notebook

Card: GTX 960 4GB


Adapter: V8.0 Beast

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Hi Guys,


I was able to fix the above issue by installing the GPU Driver. Now the Card GTX 960 is showing up with error code 12.

My laptop specifications are listed below. Can you please let me know what needs to be done to fix the error code.


Laptop: HP DV7 pavilion notebook Windows 7

Card: GTX 960 4GB


Adapter: V8.0 Beast


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Hi Somik,


I have the same problem with a GT 630 and a laptop HP DV6 6b03ss and the adapter as yours. I'm able to install the drivers (the software detects perfectly the graphics card) but then it appears the code 12 that is about resources overload. I'm using Windows 10 64bit but I think I'm gonna downgrade to windows 7 because Windows 10 deals with the drivers in a very strict way and windows 7 it's more versatile in this aspect.  


My bios is the same as yours, I only have the dynamic and fixed mode switch. Yesterday I tried to put it on fixed mode, uninstall all the display drivers including the integrated Intel HD 3000 and finally install the GT 630 (Blocking all kind of windows updates to prevent automatic controllers instalations). With this configuration I was able to solve the code 12 error, but another error ocurred, the code 43.


CODE 43:

A device driver notified the operating system that the device failed.

This circumstance can occur if the device hardware fails or if the device driver fails.


After this error, I've tried to solve it switching the bios to dynamic mode again and installing older drivers, and it made it worse, now at the startup, windows shows a blue screen with the following error:


This makes me think that the Bios is blocking this kind of configuration disabling the graphics for security purposes (I think it's something about the whitelist bios, but I'm not sure).


Now i'm lost and I don't know what to do, I don't open a new thread because I think we are in the same situation.


Thank you for sharing your problem, finding another person with the same problem it really helps in this kind of situations.

Someone help us!

Thank you in advance.

Edited by ENDA

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Hi Enda,


thanks for the post.. I have almost given up on finding a solution to the blue screen problem. Still own a beast and card which does not allow me to play any games. Please let me know if you are able to solve the problem yourself - I also think that it's a whitelist issue or BIOS restriction specific to HP

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I have HP Pavilion dv7 and NVidia GTX 650Ti, win7 x64.

I solved errors 12 and 43 with the help of DIY program. Windows works perfect, there is no errors in device manager. 

But when I try to launch any game or video the blue screen appears(((

Dont know what to do. 

Do you know anything about LED indicator on the adapter? Why is it red? On every video guides it is blue.

May be something wrong with the power source?


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I have tried below setup and got stuck with BIOS BLUE screen error. Can someone please help me with the correct modded BIOS and the steps to use it. Would really appreciate any help in this matter. Thanks


My setup-

HP Laptop DV7t-6c00,  GTX 1050ti and eGPU Beast 8.0

BIOS is F.1C


Steps so far -

 > Connected eGPU and got blue screen, so TURN ON eGPU only after Windows loads

 > Now Device Manager shows that GTX 1050ti needs a restart but i still get BLUE screen BIOS error with auto-restart whenever i start laptop with the eGPU as ON. It goes on in loop.




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if u have error 12, contact "N a n d o    E v a n" (remove backspace, i cant write his name in this forum cause they dont like each other.. funny story..) on Facebook and tell him "Hi, Adar Cohen sent me, can u help me with my error 12?" or any other problem u have. this man is an expert... also u can try doing this by urself but if u r normal person like me and dont understand a word of the "DSDT Override", "Setup 1.3" Guides so contact him..

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