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Alienware M17xR3 6990 to 880. Is this possible?

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i am an unhappy owner of an Alienware m17x r3 with ati 6990m. My question is..is possible to upgrade my laptop with a gtx 880m? upgrademonkey staff say yes, but i am not sure. They told me that for more info should go here...so what do u think guys?

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Hello i,ve been reading your threads and the most important thing i understood is that i am a noob and my knolewdge is poor and low. So could you help me a little bit with that?? I have some questions about that. 


I've not bought the card yet becouse i need more information but probably i will buy to upgrademonkey but i am not sure if i need a heatsink, fan, new thermal and x bracket aswell. If i had to buy those i would do that in eurocom. They have gtx 780 heatsink that i think should work in gtx880. 


Plz i am so confuse any help would be really appreciate.

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    • By TheChamp
      Hello Techies!
      New to the forums and I own a Alienware M17X R3 that has never had anything done to it and finally after 9 years the HDD crapped out, i purchased a Samsung SSD that I will be receiving next thursday so just getting a low down on what the proper procedure is. I currently have Bios A03 which will not give me SATA III speeds either from what I have read and will need A08? Will the Dell Bios update work for me or should i be trying to go with A12 unlocked? Can i do the update off windows as soon as do a fresh install on the new SSD? Or do I have to make a bootable usb? Sorry im not dumb with computers but not as smart as I want to be haha Thanks in advance for every ones help!
      I also want to upgrade my GPU at some point which current is an Nvidia 460M, what is the best/cost effective upgrade I should do and do I have to have a certain Bios to run that as well?
    • By Spokf
      I have a g750js with gtx 870m, I upgrade it to gtx 880m when the laptop boot it's not recognize the gpu and the fan turn at the high speed. 
      The laptop turn with windows 8.1.
      Can someone help me please ?
      Sorry for m'y poor english.
    • By Eviling Dark
      I bought Dell gtx 880m for my m18x r2.
      I thought there would be fewer problems than with gtx 970m.
      Installed it and the laptop at the start produces 8 sound signals with black screen.
      I tried to flash a11 and a12 BIOS and it did not help.
    • By zabbazibba
      Not sure whats holding me back. Maybe I need an unlocked bios flash. old card was a GTX 680m 4GB. New Card is an GTX 880m 8gb. The card fits, shows up in device manager originally as a microsoft  generic adapter. After modding inf in the nvmii.inf file I was able to get past the compatibility scan, however the driver fails to install and now the card is shown as an unknown device. Im sure its BIOS, but Im not sure what Bios to grab. I downloaded the latest bios from MSI and flashed. No problems there. im currently on E16F3IMS.50X. tried modding and older driver from nvidia, but the same problem occurs. passes scan, fails the driver install. doing it manually by pointing to the inf fails too with different errors each time. At my whits end, please point me in the right direction. 
      MSI GT60 0NE 403us
      3rd gen ivy bridge 3630qm
    • By Unreall
      Hello everyone
      I have buyed my lovely alienware 17 r1 (2014) and dont wanna miss it now
      all works fine exceppt an issue with my gtx880m (8gb) :/
      my Card wont boost and doesnt reach a clock about 850 mhz
      i have a 240w powersupply
      i hope someone can help me


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