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Need help with Bios

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I have a MX17-R4 and I'm trying to get master pass code for bios. I bot this new and I got it cheaper because it was out of box at that time I didn't no what that was but now I do over a year later and then some that's when I found out I needed master password for bios so I can change settings. I got a hold of HP and they said I need to pay for it now because my warranties is up I only had a year can anyone help me Thanks

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You don't need to be under warranty.

You just have to prove that you are the owner of the machine.

If you provide the proof of purchase - they will generate the master unlock whatever key and that's all about it.

Did it once in the past, that's how I know.

If not, there are dudes all over the net who would unlock it for $50 or smth. Not legit, obviously.

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It might be possible to reset the bios password. I know on desktop PCs there is a coin battery that you can remove to reset the BIOS. It might be true for laptops. I recommend find a copying of the maintenance guide for your model of laptop and seeing if there is a bios reset procedure.

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