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  1. XenonXTX

    Gaming monitor question

    27"@1080p is a disaster! Had a Lenovo A730 with a FullHD panel and I got rid of that crap the following week. Now I have a killer HP Z1 with 27" 1440p IPS panel. Kicks fucking ass
  2. XenonXTX

    Choosing a Z97 motherboard and

    Get Gigabyte M/B. Best price/quality, IMO
  3. Agree with everybody. 2011v3 will kill and chew everything 3D that you throw at it!
  4. XenonXTX

    OptiPlex 960 Questions

    960 is not 1150, it is old LGA 775 960 does not work with registered ECC memory. I doubt that you will be able to fit GTX 970 in there. And I don't think it takes ATX PSU. Buddy, the whole F idea is insane! I'd throw that thing in the garbage and will not think for an upgrade even for a minute!
  5. Hi, guys! I have HP Z1 that came with Quadro 1000M and recently I decided to upgrade the GPU. I got Dell K5000M the other day and I have installed it successfully. I am temporarily running Windows 10 and it installed the driver automatically. Everything worked great, BUT I have a problem where the GPU will never go past 324MHz although it is advertised as 601MHz. I have flashed the modified K5000M VBIOS that svl7 kindly provided in the Kepler VBIOS as attachment. With that VBIOS flashed the monitor would not light up after logon screen, but shows in BIOS or while flashing the VBIOS. Tried a different NVidia bios and that one has the same effect. No video in Windows. Tried a brand new installation of the OS as well. The same thing. I also tried Kepler BIOS Tweaker, but I releazed that I would mess something up. I am attaching the original BIOS that came with the card. It just would not go beyond 324MHz in 3D environments. Would you, please help me? I just want to know how to remove that 324MHz GPU barrier for my VBIOS. Dell_K5000M_80.04.5A.00.05.zip
  6. XenonXTX

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Winter edition
  7. XenonXTX

    Need help with Bios

    You don't need to be under warranty. You just have to prove that you are the owner of the machine. If you provide the proof of purchase - they will generate the master unlock whatever key and that's all about it. Did it once in the past, that's how I know. If not, there are dudes all over the net who would unlock it for $50 or smth. Not legit, obviously.
  8. I have the Z1 (Gen1) as well. I just installed Dell K5000m in my machine and it works perfectly fine! Just as a note, K5000m is not officially on the list of upgradable GPUs. HP is not blacklisting the GPUs for Z1, although they do that for many other AiOs. 980M is way too expensive. Just get K5000m or K4100m, flash with OC BIOS and you will never want 980M (for that price)
  9. I just received the K5000m in mail today. Got on eBay the other day for $200. -20$ (there was coupon) and 8% eBay bucks. The cost was down to $164 after all. The guy still has some really nice Quadro M cards like K4100m, K3100m, K5000m and etc for a really tempting price.
  10. And one more question, please. How about K5000m against K4100m? I'm not certain which one should I get. On papers K5000m appears more productive than K4100m
  11. Guys, I wonder if I can use K5000m on HP Z1 WS. I'd appreciate if anybody had it done in the past and give some feedback. Thanks!

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