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Question about my mpcie connector/(s?) Can I use this slot labeled WIMAX?

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Hi everybody!

So I'm kind of confused about which connectors to use on my laptop for attaching an egpu to it. The laptop is a dell n7110 (second gen Sandy Bridge i7 intel hd 3000 no discrete 1 tb hdd), which i know hass a top sided motherboard :grey: but lucky for me i have a bit of dremel experience and am going to cut a small hole at the top to fit the hdmi data cable through. (Yeah i know the laptop can no longer close, but the thing is a massive 17'' notebook with no gpu or anything so pretty much is a desktop(at least for my purposes)) The only problem though is that I seem to have two mpcie connectors on my board, one of which is empty and labeled WLAN and WIMAX. Now I want to put an adapter for the PCIE lane in the slot that looks like an empty mpcie (as shown in photo), but I'm not sure whether I can use that connector so I won't have to use the connector with the wifi card.

Here are the list parts I'm planning on buying:

EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock

EXP GDC Beast Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock - US$49.99

GTX 750/TI (Don't know which one I'll decide later)

Laptop PSU 120 Watt (Should be enough for 750 ti right :59: )

If i cannot use the wifi card, I already have a usb wifi card so I should be fine.

Thank You!!!

ALSO pardon the dusty laptop photos *cough* just took this thing out for the first time in over a year. I've just cleaned it.


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Swap your wifi into the wimax slot and see if it appears in Device Manager.

That will confirm if the slot has the essential PCIe pins wired up needed for the eGPU to work.

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I know my M6700's Cellular (similar to WiMax) port is PCIe but it has a whitelist for specifically Dell cellular cards, so I would try another mPCIe device or just try it and see if it works... Also my Latitude's WiMax port doesn't even see the wireless card.

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