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Overvolting Quadro FX3800M

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I've got a Dell Precision M6500, that is causing blackscreens. As I researched, this is a GPU-Problem. Deactivating automatic frequency scaling using the Powermizer tool, turns the blackscreens into freezescreens. After this, I can use Nvidia Inspector, to change the clock speeds - it seems, that not all clocks are affected.

I first tried to replace thermal paste and cooling pads, which did not help (Quadro FX2800M). Then I bought a FX3800M, that got the same problem and tried heating it up to 120°C but no change, too.

Regarding this information, I think an overvolted VBIOS might help. But I can't find any VBIOS for Quadro FX2800M or Quadro FX3800M.

Do you know some?

Or can anyone here modify the Voltage-Frequency-Table?

I will post the FX3800M VBIOS soon.

[Edit:] I post a complete workarround for this problem on my homepage: http://www.mitjastachowiak.de/?/sonstiges/laptopbau/blackscreen/

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Suggestions in Dell Precision M6500 Manual- guideusermanual.com/product-name-precision-m6500-manual&po=344512&lang=English for your issues:

  • Fix black screen: Remove the battery for 10 minutes. Then insert it back and turn the laptop on. If you have Windows 8 or another Windows update then refresh the update to see if your screen comes back on. Connect your laptop to an external monitor to try to troubleshoot.
  • Fix freezing: Check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through. See example shown in Figure-1 for a laptop vent and example shown in Figure-2 for a desktop vent. Turn off the System. Remove all power sources: Unplug the AC Adapter and Remove the Battery, or Unplug the Desktop Power Cord.Use a compressed air can to blow the dust out of the vents. Be sure to hold the can at an upright (near 90 degree angle) and hold it 15-20 centimeters (6-8 inches) away from the target.
  • Fix excessive heating: Check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through.Turn off the System. Unplug the AC Adapter. Remove the Battery, for instructions on how to remove the battery see the Service Manual.Use Compressed Air to blow the dust out of the vents. Do not use your mouth to blow the Dust out of a portable system. If using a can of compressed air use the can according to the directions on the side of the can as you can cause damage to the computer if used incorrectly.

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