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8470p Screen upgrade (HD -> HD+)

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has anyone successfully performed a screen upgrade on 8470p from 1366x768 to 1600x900 ?

I've looked high and low in service manual and there seems to be 4 display cables available, but both HD and HD+ screen has the same 40-pin connector, so where's the catch? Actually the service manual is a mess, since there are 4 different cables for webcam/mic module and LCD cable apparently doesn't have part no. Webcam/mic cable connects mobo with the upper board, but according to photographs, there's no 40pin connector on it.

To my main question, is it possible to just upgrade the panel or is recabling necessary?

Hoping here for a response. :)

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No, the mentioned cable does not contain 40pin rail for screen, it's just webcam/mic module cable.

Also my question was, if recabling is necessary, considering both screens use 40 pin cable..

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Ill take a crack at service manual later on, not at home now.

Is there 8470w or 6470p cable listed. Those are pretty much same notebooks. With the exception tha w uses dGPU.

Regardless of the connector which is standard for lots of machines cables could have different numbers of wires in it.

What you can do is order a compatible screen and if it dosent work buy a cable later. Screen upgrades, from what i have seen, are preety much pure lcd and cable transplanta if you dont experiment with changing tn into ips. Which were never an option in 8470/6470 so i dont think you have anything to worry there.

Also check service manuals for 8460p/w and 6460b and their cable photos.

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Yes, this is how 686016-001 look like (the HD version):


As one can see, no 40pin rail in there, that's what brought up the confusion.

LVDS 40pin is exactly defined, so I wouldn't worry about different pinout, but the connector can be positioned so that it's impossible to fit it in with HD cable.

LCD Cable, more specifically 686018-001 is quite expensive as well ($28 on Aliexpress). Also my primary concern was to avoid disassembly of the laptop base (considering it's still covered with warranty)

Reason for upgrade is not just resolution, but also TN -> S-PVA

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Hi there again,

is there a list of compatible HD+ panels for 8470p somewhere?

Can it possibly be fitted with IPS one?

So far I found only two compatible models, both LG:



I'd need Samsung or AU Optronics, or any brand in IPS.


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