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Dell inspiron 9300 R.I.P ?

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Hi guys I wanted to see if there life after death.

I have a all powerful Inspiron 9300, class of 2005 that came with a whooping 17.4 True life screen(same type of quality screen used in our AW).

Machine had worked flawlessly during the years and even weather a physical assault by some derange person (not me).

Then 2 years ago a vertical line appeared on the middle of the screen, then another 2 lines showed up. I called dell to inquire about it and I got no answer. Laptop worked fine until this morning when the Laptop seems to be off, but then I saw that the HD light was on.

I restarted the laptop no problems booted correctly until after the windows logo came out monitor turn off. Tried again same result. So went to the bios to see if any changes and while on the bios the screen went off again.

So after this i am pretty sure that is either the video card or the LCD screen. I feel confident that the laptop will work with external monitor but I wonder if there after market screen that will fit this laptop correctly and or the video card can be exchange.

So what should we do with it, leave as it is and let it rest in peace or try to bring some life in this amazing machine.

Sorry for the megathon post, all comment ideas flames are welcome.

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Not sure about the video card, but if you have the model number of the screen it should be available. The problem is - you don't know whether it's the card, so you should try it on an external monitor. Also, the question is what would the price of new screen be. I paid about $100 for a replacement screen for Dell XPS M1330 (13") - I think it was from the guy called 'laptopscreen1' on eBay.

In this case, I'd probably grab the new laptop. Let it rest in peace. :) I'll be buying one for my dad soon and I'll probably be roaming around Dell and Lenovo outlets. Sometimes they have great new laptops for excellent prices. (I paid $600 for the Thinkpad tablet in my sig with regular HD, for example). If it's not too big of a deal to dish out ~$500, I'm pretty sure you can grab some decent replacement. I'll be in the market for 14-15" Latitude/Thinkpads.

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Grab an M17x R2 somewhere if u can find one... they have insane overclocking value and the RGB is astounding, I loved it myself.

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