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  1. Scarab

    [M11x R3] - BIOS A05 *unlocked*

    Thank you. BIOS installed fine cant wait to try the new options.
  2. I use Logitech g700 Resolution: 200 – 5,700 dpi its very smooth mouse and Logitech is releasing its lgs 8.40 for it some time this week.
  3. Scarab


    I really liked this game I play it with ps3 controller game play seems pretty good I'm running it on a m11x r3 and it runs smooth on it.
  4. Scarab

    Gaming Mouse

    I like the Logitech g700 gaming mouse its very nice mouse fits my hand very comfortable and Logitech is suppose to release its new lgs 8.40 software for it this week.
  5. Scarab

    Favourite desktop brand?

    If you truly want a good desktop the only way is to build it your self it will be cheaper than paying a company to build it for you.
  6. Scarab

    Dell inspiron 9300 R.I.P ?

    you can grab a 9300 screen from Dell Inspiron 9300 lcd screens » Dell Inspiron 9300 Laptop Repair Parts for 159.95. if you want to fix it.
  7. I've always preferred NVIDIA to ATI graphics on NVidia seem much more clear and performance from NVidia cards have been much more reliable to me.

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