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Prime 95 Stress Test Question

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Hi everyone,



I have a desktop intel gaming PC. I manual overclock the pc to 5.0 Ghz with these setting in bios

Core Speed             : 5.0 Ghz
AVX                    : 2  (4800mhz)
CPU core/cach voltage  : Offset Mode
Offset mode sign       : +
Cpu Core Voltage offset: .025
CPU VCCIO Voltage      : 1.2

I did a prime 95.5 ver. 26.6 stress test with these settings (der8auer settings) and run for 1 hr

Min FFt 12
Max FFt 12
run fft in place


Under prime 95 stress test ran with no errors and no BSOD that popped out, but with hardware info 64, I saw windows hardware error (CPU Cache L0 - errors = 6)

 Question is, which one am I going to rely on? Prime 95 or Hardwareinfo64?


PC Specification:


Motherboard:  Rog Strix Z390-e Gaming

Proc : 9900ks

Cooler : EVGA CLC 240

Vcard : EVGA RTX 2060

Mem : 16GB (2x8)

PSU : EVGA 750 G3

Hardware64 info error.jpg

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Having WHEA L0 cache means your CPU is not really that stable, but not really that unstable to cause error or crashing/lockups. Usually either raise the voltage slightly or reduce the clockspeed a little bit to make the error go away.

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