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  1. I believe this only works with Intel HD graphics. Any dedicated GPU inside the system going to cause problems.
  2. First step is to control yourself to not buying games just because its on sale. Next, just try to play whatever games you already purchased. Change different genre from your previous games so it will feel refreshed (if you play FPS before try to play 3rd person RPG next)
  3. nX3NTY

    NVIDIA GTX 1070 Officially Paper Launched

    I'm still using GTX 1070. Good card; it beats my previous 980Ti, reduces heat output and gets additional 2GB RAM.
  4. nX3NTY

    Prime 95 Stress Test Question

    Having WHEA L0 cache means your CPU is not really that stable, but not really that unstable to cause error or crashing/lockups. Usually either raise the voltage slightly or reduce the clockspeed a little bit to make the error go away.
  5. nX3NTY

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Watched Ford Vs Ferrari recently. Pleasantly surprised by how good it is despite I already know the story. Highly recommended for anyone to watch it.
  6. nX3NTY

    RAM speeds in 9th gem CPUs

    No, Intel listed the maximum speed officially supported so you can use slower RAM on it without trouble. Intel CPU aren't really sensitive with RAM speeds unlike Ryzen so you are good to go
  7. I'm undecided since my GTX 1070 is still good enough for 1080p gaming. I'll wait for another wave of new cards. Even nvidia lineup is not that attractive.
  8. Hello all, I just registered here. Like everyone else I'm looking for modded BIOS

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