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Brand new P650HP, monitor has yellow tint

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I have tried several color profiles and color calibration, but theres still a yellow tint ontop of everything. Took a screenshot and sent it to my old laptop, and the colors there display fine, so I think its the monitor.

Any ideas on what I can check for? So far I have had people suggest that its a backlighting issue or that the monitor cable is loose, neither of which sounds simple to fix...

Have tried :

-Updating drivers

-Color calibration

-Color profiles from other notebooks with the same monitor

-Setting the laptop to discrete mode

As an example :

(photos taken with a handphone camera)

Old laptop with normal color : https://i.imgur.com/Hk0TaGR.jpg

New p650hp : https://i.imgur.com/hj6cRGR.jpg

You can see the green has a definite yellow tint to it.

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I set my laptop to discrete mode, restarted, and everything looked normal...and the display adapter was set to 8 bit using the "Microsoft display adapter"
But after a while it changed to 6 bit using the Nvidia GTX 1060
And the yellow tint came back
Nvidia control panel has an option to change the bit depth, but it only allows me 6 bit for some reason
How do I change it to 8 bit?

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