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Unlocking EC firmware?

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Is there any tutorial about unlocking EC firmware / adding additional options like swapping keys?


I had search a bit but didn't found anything relevant.

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    • By Jacksoft
      Hi, I'm new!
      Firstly sorry for my, very, bad english.
      I've already unlocked some hidden menus in my VAIO's BIOS (AMI Aptio), but didn't flashed yet.
      I have some question about BIOS/EC modding.
      In BIOS I don't have any menu about UEFI boot (neither in Strings section). Could be possible to add it?
      What are the advantages in modding EC firmware? There's a tool to do this or is possible only via hex editor? Any link to a good guide?
      (I have some troubles with Windows 8, could be fixed with an EC mod?)
      PS: I have a full dump of both BIOS flash and EC flash, made with an SPI R/W device.

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