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  1. UEFI BIOS Version: GJETA4WW (2.54) UEFI BIOS Date (Year-Month-Day): 2020-03-37 ME Firmware Version: Embedded Controller Version: GJHT30WW (1.14) I need Battery Authentication whitelist Removal because my laptop showing "the battery installed is not supported." Result.rar & .rom file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/byxsoqpg4j3od25/result_rar_and_rom_file.zip/file
  2. Hello sir i need battery authentication patch bios because my laptop showing "The battery installed is not supported by this system and will not charge." And also i need advance option in bios UEFI BIOS Version: GJETA4WW (2.54) Embedded Controller Version:GJHT30WW(1.14) i found this bios file above for T440 (same my laptop) BIOS file as below: https://www.mediafire.com/download/stjyd1byov1gf86 Thanks for your help!
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