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Dell Latitude E5530 - can it eGPU?

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Greetings to the community,
I am thinking of getting the notebook on the title, but before buying, I wanted to clarify that it can support eGPU.
i saw only a single thread about this notebook  in another forum and the OP didn't reply if he managed to do it.

It appears to have an ExpressCard 54mm, and 2 or 3 mini pcie, but I assume these if its the same across all e5530.

If it is possible (i hope) but hasn't been done yet, i am eager to be the first here to try and do it!



EDIT: I am a dumbass, i was using the Search in a subforum that's why it showed no results, according to this reply from Tech Inferno Fan to BigC (I link it here for somebody else that might have the same question as me).


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