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rx480 with low performance

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good staff first of all I apologize for my English. It is so, I have one toshiba with an i7 3610QM with 16 GBddr3 and the RX480 4gb, and I do not know because I can not take good advantage of it without lag in games like gta 5 or battelfield both in maximum as minimum, fps are low, and even rise, sudden breaks occur. I have updated drivers and all right but the pc that I should give to play without breaks even if it was at least. Please help

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Firstly, AMD cards are really messy when it comes to drivers and clocks/power usage. Someone i know who had a R9 380 Gigabyte gaming 4gb, had relentless amount of problems, they tried clockblocker, which didn't even help. It still stuttered and closed in games with visual artifacting, tried changing amd settings, reinserting the gpu into PCIe slot, though none of this worked. The only way to fix was to simply just go NVIDIA GTX. NVIDIA, i well know for their excellent driver support and optimized drivers.

Can you tell me your GPU brand, and tell me the steps on how you setup clockblocker.. perhaps you did it wrong? 
Maybe you should think about swapping for an NVIDIA Card?


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Very efficient, i mean both power usage and horsepower. You won't even need an overly powerful PSU to power a eGPU, as you are only powering it and not other desktop components. If this answers your question correcly?


A few questions are: are you running your eGPU @ PCIe x1 Gen 1.1? This i found had a huge impact on all of my games running with eGPU on EXP GDC Beast V8.

Have you tried running any other games? Maybe those games are broken on AMD Polaris GPU?

Or PCIe bandwidth bottlenecking is occuring as those games may be PCIe Bandwidth hungry?


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