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2012 rMBP eGPU on Win10 (BIOS, not EFI) - Code 43 unless disable dGPU?


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Hi there... the journey continues!! I've managed to get my eGPU running on Windows 10 (installed via bootcamp, BIOS mode) however I have strange behaviour from the system compared to what others with similar setups have.


Without using eGPU setup at all, I get code 43 on the eGPU in Device Manager (it's correctly detected and even tried to install drivers but it won't start).


When I used eGPU Setup 1.20 however, it's the same!!! ( I use 1.20 as 1.30 hanged when compacting PCI). I boot eGPU Setup 1.20 into the menu mode (option 2) and use Compact PCI with standard settings (exclude all the SATA/etc etc stuff). On hitting Windows nothing has changed.


I've uninstalled all the drivers, disabled as best I can windows 10 pulling drivers automatically from Windows Update, and then disabled the GT650m dGPU and installed GeForce drivers manually. This, in combination with keeping the dGPU disabled afterwards and rebooting, and using eGPU setup again, seems to be the only way to get the eGPU to work.


It's not the end of the world since on this model I can't use Optimus anyway and with an accelerated external monitor I'm not really interested in doing much on the internal panel. Even with the dGPU disabled I can use the internal LCD and change its resolution back to native 2880x1800. It's just an irritating extra step though that nobody else seems to have encountered? At least I haven't come across it, has anyone dealt with this before?



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