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M17x R3 unlocked BIOS help


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Hi guys

So i think im going to run into an issue and may need some help


I currently have a M17xr3-3D with a 580m.. Which died its the 3rd one, which is in need of an upgrade anyway.


So i'm planning on buying a 780m which i will need an unlocked bios for.

Only problem is i believe i need to access the bios to get the new card working


As i've seen this in the sellers info 

installing their card in a M17x R2 R3
. Flash bios with (R2) A10  or (R3) A12 , unlocked Bios
                                     2. a)  Disable onboard HD audio
  (/R3 Disable onboard grahpic card <- this don't apply to me as i have the 120hz 3d)
B) Disable IDT GPU in advanced settings   
//R3 change display model from SG to PDG
                                                                  3. Install Card
                                                                  4. Install this driver with the .ini mod (easy): 
Is there anyway i can get my hand on a bios with those settings preconfigured so i have blind flash? otherwise im just going to keep getting beeps?
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