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G75VW Backlight stopped working on keyboard. Suspect BIOS related


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Hi guys,


There's something wrong with my G75VW. The backlit keyboard just yesterday was working fine. I updated the BIOS and everything and now it's stopped working. What do I do? It does not glow when booting either. I checked the connections to the ribbon on the mainboard and everything is good. I heard this was something to do with a BIOS variable which controls the keyboard's backlight within the ATK. I've reinstalled the ATK to no avail. I did open the system to clean out the fans and replace the thermal paste. It was working great. Updated the BIOS and it continued to work great. I then realized that I didn't attach the CPU heatsink properly, so I opened it up again, did that temps are great and now the backlight does not work. Keyboard works and everything. The ribbon will not go in any further and it does not appear to be damaged.


I'd like to install a modded BIOS to see if that fixes the issue, but it gives me an error. Error code: 2C171/1 I also cannot try the gary method as my G75VW does not want to boot off the USB.


UPDATE: I tried the Gary method. It did nothing. Must I purchase a new keyboard?

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