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Upgrading GTX 580M in M17x R3 to GTX 980M

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Hi everyone!

I just have a few questions regarding upgrading my M17x R3(Optimus with Optimus disabled).

I'm running a GTX 580M at the moment but am starting to notice its limitations as new games come out and am wanting to upgrade. I noticed that the 780M does indeed work and am considering getting that GPU but I was wondering if there was any way possible to get the 980M running?

I should also add that I'm planning on upgrading the CPU from a 2630 to a 2960XM but have no idea where to order the CPU.

If there's no possible way to get the 980M working then I'll settle for a 780M.

I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction on how to do the top two things?

Any help is appreciated.


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Yes think the latest you can use is the GTX 880m and you may also have to flash vbios on card.


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There is a company called HIDevolution that do full kit upgrades as well as a mail in service for upgrades to various laptops including the M17X (I'm looking at the 660M to 980M upgrade for my M17x r4)

They provide everything (some parts such as upgraded heat sink and 240w power supply cost extra if you don't already have them) they even give you unlocked driver software to ensure it works to it's full potential. From what I've seen they appear pretty cheap but I'm from UK so we are used to having higher prices fir anything electronic compared to USA prices.

The card (980M), 3 Pipe Heat Sink, 240w power supply, drivers, correct install hardware, thermal pads etc are running me approx $1k plus postage to UK (Not sure how much that is yet and I'll also have to pay import duties, VAT etc for import from USA to UK which could sting. Value Added Tax (VAT) yeah what value dies it add for me lol)

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As far as I know, 9xxM series don't work due to UEFI. Sorry.

Just checked on the HIDevolution website and within the description for the 980m service it specifically states this: The M17x R3 currently does NOT support the GTX 980M. So looks like this guy is exactly right. That's a pity as these M17x's are so great for those upgrade options. Yeah $1k is nearly half the cost of a new laptop but it means you can keep a laptop you trust and have it run like a boss and beat newer ones lol

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