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Asus G751JT-CH71 vbios modding chances of success?


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What are the risks of changing the vbios on a asus G751JT-CH71 (GTX 970m 3gb)? Previously I had a desktop that had a GTX 660 and I tried to change it's vbios and resulted in the card not being read by windows but since then I have changed its vbios to its original and works fine. Now I have tried overclocking my card (GTX 970m 3gb) and it worked perfectly with a slight fps boost but I feel like the card can handle more +135 on core isnt much, I have read on other sites that it exists a modded vbios that increases the amount you can add but before so I would like to know the chances of its success and if it really gives a boost that's significant and worth it.

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Hi, i did it and iam was proud for doing it^^


but actually i reinstalled my laptop and cant install nvidia. i dont know why.

I asked here for a original file of graphiccardbios and when i get it, i want to flash it -> and try after to install nvidia.


Maybe its because WIN10 or Vbios. I dont know.


BUT: if i can install nvidia, then i will flash it back.

FPS is rly rly rly extreme good and cooling at a asus g751 is perfekt. 70 C° and u are better then gtx980 =)



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