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RUST Experimental Server. Come join us!

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Anyone here play Rust experimental? My clan and I recently setup a dedicated box for a modded Rust experimental server and are looking for some active players. Server is called KGB Gaming and some of the features include:

  • Teleport system using /tpr and /home for up to 4 homes.
  • Trade: Use /trr to initiate trade with a person anywhere on the map for a safe and fun trading experience.
  • Instant Craft: Why wait to craft an item? It sucks and it's boring so we have 0 craft time.
  • Stacks: Increased stack counts for almost every item so you can manage your inventory more efficiently.
  • Kits: Use the /kit command to see a list. We have daily, bp, starter and an autokit. Donor kits to be added.
  • No Decay: With the exception of twigs, no other foundation type decays.
  • 3x Smelting: Don't you hate waiting on your furnace to smelt something? So do we so smelting is 3x.
  • Gather: 5x gather on all resources and 10x gather for high quality metal ore.
  • SIL: Want to paste a photo of some hot model on your sign? Using /sil <url> you now can! Limit 1024 kb.
  • Better Loot: Refined loot tables.
  • Limit ladders: Ladders can be placed on rocks but not on buildings with an auth cabinet.
  • Private messaging: Simply type /pm <username> to speak privately with someone on the server.
  • Clans: This server fully supports the creation of clans. Type /clan to see how.
  • Friendly fire: If you're in a clan with someone, friendly fire is automatically disabled and can be toggled.
  • Death Messages: When someone is killed by someone or something, there's a server wide broadcast.
  • Vote Day: If you hate playing in the dark, simply vote for day time and if it passes (69%) then it becomes day.
  • Anti Cheat: Besides having active admins keeping a watchful eye, we have anti-cheat software to help keep logs on these guys.
  • Live map: We support the Rusti:IO live map extension. You can view our map here: Rust:IO
  • Airdrops: Every 30 mins with coordinates given.
  • Coordinates: Wish to track down an airdrop's x/y/z coordinates but don't know yours? Type /loc to see them!

BTW, if anyone from T|I does show up, just let me know and I can toss you a few extras to get started.

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