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extend primary partition


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I have a question about extend primary partition


Plan to extend P by shrinking L and then extending C by shrinking P, but that didn't work out quite the way I planned.

How to allocate xxGB from the L partition to the C partition

Someone say bacause P and L partitions are logical partition, it that right?

How to do it?


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There are more than one reason for which you cannot extend the primary partition. From your snapshot, it is easy to find the partition L and partition P are logical drives. To shrink either one of them, you can only get the free space, with which you can only extend the logical drive in its left adjacent side. That's caused by the limitations of Disk Management:

1. Shrinking a primary or logical drive can only generate an unallocated space (for primary drive) or free space (for logical drive) in its right adjacent side.

2. Extending a primary or logical drive requires the unallocated space or free space located in its right adjacent side.

Namely, the free space or unallocated space can only be added into the donor partition(ie: the partition you just shrunk). At the same time, Disk Management does not supporting moving any partition. Therefore, many users often find the extend volume greyed out even when they have got unallocated space through shrinking another partition. To solve it, you have to delete the partition right behind the volume you want to extend to get an adjacent unallocated space, or use a third-party partition manager. In your situation, you have to delete all logical drives.


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