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Suggest a solid and expansive wireless mouse

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I’m looking to buy a mouse for my laptop, which is a MSI GT80.

1. It must be EXTREMELY SOLID.

This is the most important point of all.

I have bought many different mouses before, and they’ve all been terrible (even though I’m careful with them).

I have bought 5 (FIVE) Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX and they have all suffered the same fate after about 3 months of use: the scrolling wheel is broken and scrolls around the pages without me actually touching it, and the left click is broken and when I make a left click it has a 50% chance of being automatically converted into a double click... Both of these things are impossibly annoying and prevent me from playing chess.

2. It must be expansive. Because more often than not more expansive means better quality. So the higher the price the better it is.

3. It must be wireless. No cable.

4. It must not have many fancy buttons. I will not use it to play video games, so I don’t need fancy buttons. The only buttons that I like are the two “dual thumb buttons” on the left side to go backward and forward through Web pages.

5. It must be able to work perfectly on the surface of my bed. Since I’m planning to use this mouse on my bed, not on a table.

6. It must work on Windows 8.

7. It must preferably be powered by normal batteries. I don’t think I would like a “rechargeable mouse”.

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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