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2012 15" MBP GT650M + HD7970@4Gbps-TBEC2 (PE4L 2.1b) + Win10 [Rhodesie]

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Hi guys,

I own a MBPr Mid 2012 with the following specs:

i7 3820QM @ 2.7ghz

16gb ram

756gb ssd

nVidia 650m

Windows 10 technical preview

My egpu setup is:

PE4L 2.1B

Sapphire HD7970 6GB Overclocked Vapor-X edition (2x 8pin power)

500watt psu - 18/01 swapped to 1200watt silverstone psu to fix stability problems

Sonnet Echo express pro

Powered 1x to 16x molex riser - 17/01 removed due to instability - 18/01 added again because stability issues were due to $20aud psu

My setup if finally working!

Installed bootcamp

Ran bootcamp driver installation.

Ran setup 1.2 (Thanks Nando!)

Compacted PCI.

Ran test chainloader config

Booted with egpu recognised as HD7900 series in device manager.

Benchmark results

Unigine Heaven 4.0 extreme preset:

Score of 947 windowed mode. Max fps 75 min fps 17

Cinebench r15:

OpenGL score of 77

Alien Isolation:

Not a real benchmark but fps didnt drop below 60 during the 1 hr of gameplay on max settings

Farcry 4:

On ultra settings the game is playable not dipping below 35fps with vsync on. Very high settings see an increase to a min of 45 fps.

Pretty surreal what can be done with a talented programmer (Nando) and a bit of persistence.


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Thought some of you might find this interesting.

I ran the same heaven benchmark test with the same card with a native 16x lane on an AMD FX8150 system at 3.8ghz and got a score of 1081, only 134 points higher with RAM at the same speed and measure.

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  • Tech Inferno Fan changed the title to 2012 15" MBP GT650M + HD7970@4Gbps-TBEC2 (PE4L 2.1b) + Win10 [Rhodesie]

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