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Graphic Cards problem on Y410P

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My graphic card is GT750M ... When i try to play games it will show Something Kernel is not responding and has been recovered ... anyone know how to fix this ?

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well lux, ive been looking into a similiar problem that ive been having. Unfortunately this message can at its heart be caused by many different things. There is a series of steps that people will give just to make sure that it is not a driver issue. So with that you need to make sure your drivers are installed properly. Since the y410p is an optimus laptop, you need to also make sure that the drivers for the intel 4600 are installed as well. There are some very stringent steps to make sure everything installs correctly:

-if you want to be very thorough, uninstall your video drivers and all their software from your system with DDU (display driver uninstaller, a program that's free to download) in safe mode.

-make sure to download latest drivers from the lenovo site

-shut down computer, remove battery, then restart and install Intel driver first.

-restart when done

-install nvidia driver

-restart and install battery

now if your system is still getting this message, you can tell every that you have done everything previously stated. I know that is a lot to do just to say you did it, but the #1 response to fixing these issues are making sure your drivers are correct.

So now if your still getting the error, there are still a couple of culprits to tick off of the list. It could be something called a TDR error which protects your computer from getting a BSOD if in your case the video card stops responding for more than 2 seconds. you can change this in your registry to 8 seconds and that may solve your problem. If you google TDR delay it'll pop up some websites that will walk you through the process. WARNING: anytime you play with registry, you take a chance of messing things up if you are not sure. That being said, this isn't too bad.

To test this just try to replicate the error. If it worked nothing will pop up. If not, move on to the next thing.

There can also be an issue if your gpu is over heating. The thermal paste lenovo puts on isn't the best or the worst. I replaced the thermal paste on mine because I noticed that my cpu was hitting 100 deg C and my gpu around 87 deg C. after repaste I saw my temps drop about 10 and 5 degrees. there are lots of free programs out there to see your temps. I used GPU-Z and made some logs to see my results.

At this point if nothing has worked, it might point towards hardware. On laptops, thats pretty much it. If your laptop is still under warranty I would send it in to be checked before actually doing a repaste yourself. If they see that its getting too hot, they should do that for you.

I'm still trying to fix mine at the moment and hopefully your problem was fixed after the drivers or even the registry. Im sorry i dont have any links to help out more, but this should give you an idea what you might need to look into doing to fix the problem. I have even gone one step further (as my laptop was 2 months out of warranty when it went bonkers) and reflowed the solder which is really a last ditched effort in case there any micro fractures in the circuitry.

Good Luck

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