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15" MSI GE620DX + GTX750Ti@4Gbps+c-mPCIe2 (PE4H 2.4) + Win7 [dan]


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15.6" MSI GE 620DX i72670QM,8GB DDR3 ,HD3000 iGPU, GTX555M dGPU, GTX750ti eGPU - 2gb, Win7/64-bit

using peh4 v2.4 with pciemm-060b cable connected to mpci-e slot. Had doubts about gen2 capabilities of the adapter but is working just fine.


using x1 setup to disable dgpu and make compactation on the e-gpu.no dsdt override used.

3dmark 2006

x1.2 optimus = 20550

x1.1 optimus = 19841

x1.2 optimus(internal screen)=http://www.3dmark.com/3dm06/17665825

3dmark 2013

x1.2 optimus firestrike.gpu=4052

x1.1 optimus firestrike.gpu=3831


Power unit it is an Tacens RADIX ECO 400W ,with the fan mod because it was connected to an 12 v internally and it was everything but quiet. Now it is because i use the 5v pins. I am using Windows home Premium x64 with unparked cores.

Notebook cost 350 euros. Bought it from a guy who sorks in an animation studio. It is in good shape,the graphics card cost 137 euros,a nd the power unit 23 euros. The peh4 adapter it was buy before used with a Fujitsu with an t9900 that i was used with x2 link.

I am happy with the performance, playing all games nice, with very good frames an smooth image.


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Hey, thanks for sharing your setup.

I'm thinking of running the same card on my X220. I'm still not sure about Optimus x1.1/1.2, I was under the impression you could only use optimus compression for Kepler and Fermi GPUs?

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