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  1. just put the card under load,and look in the gpu-z for the pci-e link,must be gen.2 according to your setup gen2 bandwith gives a real experience on the internal screen...
  2. ok.look if the pcie link is working on x1.2 I am using pe4h v2.4 wich i had try in various notebook,not gen2 compliance,although remember once achieved in a msi with an i7 Sandy bridge to reach gen2 bandwith.
  3. you will not see two display in the optimus internal screen,only you wil have a transparent option in the nvidia control panel wich alows to use egpu as a preferred render graphics
  4. Start thinking that your dgpu interfiere in some way in the optiumus function,i am quite sure that you will have acceleration in an external monitor but the internal display function it is disabled.
  5. and don´t give up....it is not an option,keep trying drivers and search for documentation in this fórum...i can guarantee that it will work sorry,screenshots... windows has a tool that make just that,search "screenshot"in the search box of cortana... http://www.howtogeek.com/226280/how-to-take-screenshots-in-windows-10/
  6. Please make a snapshot of your display manager list and device system list.
  7. are you familiarized with upgrading BIOS procedure ?could unnhide the option to disable the dgpu within your bios . Not recommended if you not have experience with this .....
  8. Try the latest see what hapenning,then try any driver before 372.70 .I am sure you will get the internal screen functionality one way or another. i will take a look inside your bios see what options you have.
  9. I am unaware of optimus functionality lately regarding the drivers,try the last one and let me know please.Also i want to know wich operating system are you running.
  10. Hi,now that you left only the igpu and the egpu,download the driver for the gtx960 from the nvidia website,the last one.let it untouched. try to install it an let me know what is hapenning.
  11. The 740m need to be eradicated from the displays manager list,you have to see only the igpu and the egpu there. There is two ways to do that,disable in bios or use x1setup provided by ******. Sincé none of them is available for you you coud try to disable the pcie that host the gt740m,not the card but the pcie bus that host it in the system device. Works for me few times. i see you are mod the driver,guess there is no need for that,once you achieved that the system not see the dgpu,you could install the egpu driver without mod.anything.
  12. Hi,have you disable the dedicated card? Optimus is not working with the gt740m in the device manager list.
  13. Thanks for answering. wish him to recover very soon.
  14. hey,is Tech Inferno Fan allright? I read something about an accident. Hope it is ok.
  15. Hi Mugsat! the best method to do DSDToverride for me is to use DsdtEditor ,found here:http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=62nts Easy and clean extraction of the dsdt.aml,used by me in windows 7,8,10 never failed. Previous you have to install java in order to work properly.then you have to install asl compiler version 4.0 for windows 7 and version 5.0 for windows 10.
  16. hi,you have to have a delay switch on the exp gdc beast board,try to adjust the time in sec from when the bios detect the external gpu.Good luck!
  17. hi,sparrowsp could you upload some benchmark along with an gpu-z snapshot (wonder if gen 2 pci-e signal is stable on this laptop along with the beast adapter).I am looking to upgrade my notebook and could one as yours be an valid option for me, also looking a thinkpad x230. Thank you!
  18. sparrowsp,to override read this :https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/5874-guide-dsdt-override-to-fix-error-12/#comment-91134
  19. hi,think the gtx750ti need more space.try dsdt override fist,if not solved use setup.x1 in order to do a succesfull compactation against gtx750ti.
  20. Edit 2: ^Forgot to mention that Port 3 is where I put my egpu in (expresscard). I guess I need an override after all? dsdt override create a 36 bits space in the memory map wich is needed in some cases when the tolud is high to open the posibility for setup 1.3 to make succesful compactation in that space too if all intents in the 32bit failed and the posibility to use more ram in some system with high tolud.dsdt override may not be enough to detect your egpu without a succesfull compactation .
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